Your Guide For Buying Bitcoin With A Credit Card

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This blog post will cover the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing a credit card to purchase Bitcoin, whether an alternate method should be sought, and the steps you must follow to make a secure Bitcoin purchase.

Benefits of Buying Bitcoin With a Credit Card

Speed – While money sent via banks might take a maximum of two days to be executed, credit card purchases are quick.

Rewards – If your issuer allows it, you can use cryptocurrencies to earn credit card incentives like reward points, travel points, or miles.

Convenience – Even if you don’t have any cash, you can buy Bitcoin.

Drawbacks of Buying Bitcoin With a Credit Card

High fees – The total sum of charges you’d have to pay if you bought Bitcoin using a credit card may be significantly high.

Cash advance – Consider withdrawals off an ATM using a credit card. They charge more than debit cards. Purchase with a credit card to acquire Bitcoin may be considered a cash advance by the issuing bank, and you need to be aware that some costs may apply to this type of service.

Debt – When you use a credit card to buy goods or services, you are entering into a debt with a bank or financial organization and agree to repay interest rates that might be quite high.

Credit score – Your credit score may be affected depending on your region and credit card issuer.

Know your customer (KYC) procedures – This approach is often used when purchasing Bitcoin via credit card, to the extent that the card provider may prohibit your transaction due to Bitcoin volatility and scam risk.

Details on the sorts of fees to consider for both the credit card provider and the exchange you use to acquire Bitcoin may be found in the following section. Remember to keep these in mind when purchasing Bitcoin with a credit card as they can have a significant impact in the final bill.

Fees from Credit Card Companies to Be Expected

If a banking firm or a financial institution permits users to purchase Bitcoin using a credit card, they may impose a range of fees that are often greater than those charged for other payment methods. This happens because credit card companies consider Bitcoin purchases to be cash advances rather than regular purchases:

Cash advance – These costs might range from 3-5% of the purchase price.

Cash advance interest rate – The interest rate can be quite high, typically exceeding 25%, and it begins collecting the day you acquire Bitcoin and continues until you pay off the credit. This is in contrast to standard card purchase interest rates, which begin charging after 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the card issuer.

Fees from Cryptocurrency Exchange Companies to Be Expected

Although many cryptocurrency exchanges as well as brokers accept credit cards for Bitcoin purchases, you should not take this for granted. Because of the chargeback time restriction, many Bitcoin services will not accept credit card purchases. The following fees apply to services that accept credit card transactions of Bitcoin:

Commission fee – I applied to buy Bitcoin with a credit card. For example, cardholders in the United States may have to spend a 3% commission charge when purchasing Bitcoin using a credit card.

Foreign exchange fee – If the exchange is located outside of your country, you may be charged a 3% foreign exchange fee.

The Process of Buying Bitcoin Using a Credit Card

Before buying Bitcoin in Dubai using a credit card, you might be required to complete an authentication process, depending on the country or the kind of cryptocurrency exchange.

You must first create an account in the website and confirm your identity, often using a passport or driver’s license, before you may link your credit card to your exchange or broker account.

The typical procedures to take to purchase Bitcoin using a credit card are listed below:

Sign up – The majority of websites will ask you to complete a KYC process and prove your identity. You won’t be able to purchase Bitcoin using a credit card or any other kind of payment until you complete that.

Link the credit card – You may attach the credit card from the purchase settings page after signing up and validating your account.

Set the amount to buy instantly – Some platforms demand that you purchase fiat money with your credit card and add it to your exchange or broker profile before you can make any transactions. Others will permit you make a credit card transaction and deposit money straight into your own wallet. Ensure you get a wallet address accessible for the purchase and ask the exchange what choices are available to you.

Select “Buy with credit card” and then press “buy.”

Is Using a Credit Card the Best Option Available?

Better, more affordable, and anonymous options do exist to acquire Bitcoin. Without a question, using a credit card to make a Bitcoin purchase is the easiest one. Still, if you can take your time, you can investigate options like money transfers as well as gift cards, prepaid cards and real money if you prefer to acquire Bitcoin discreetly.

If you are looking for a way to sell Bitcoin, then the process also includes doing your own research. At the end, you are the one who decides whether or not to sell Bitcoin in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does buying Bitcoin with a credit card take to finish? – It might take from 30 minutes to a few hours on average, but it could take up to 12 hours in the unlikely event that the financial institution needs to verify additional ID and banking details.

Is using credit cards to purchase Bitcoin safe? – Aside from the usual concerns relating to the dangers of entering your bank information online, the use of a credit card to purchase Bitcoin is secure.

Can I use a credit card to fund my Bitcoin wallet? – You may acquire Bitcoin and send it straight to your wallet with non-custodial brokers.

Which apps allow to instantly purchase Bitcoin using a credit card? – Most apps demand that you have funds on your account before purchasing Bitcoin. However, you may immediately fill that balance with a credit card, providing you the opportunity to buy Bitcoin afterward.


Credit cards should not be used to make routine Bitcoin purchases. If you’re attempting to acquire Bitcoin for the first time or are in a rush, it should be a single transaction. It is a practical method of carrying out a transaction and enables you to purchase Bitcoin even though you don’t have the money on hand.

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