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Write for Us

General, Travel, Sports, Tech, Education, Health, and Business Guest Posts Submission

Are you a sales analyst, are you a communications professional, or do you have a story to tell for a guest post? How awesome would it be if you could tell us that?

Writing guest posts and selling the content will help you develop your scope and increase your visibility.

We are searching for guest articles that challenge our point of view and expand on issues far from our own, offering additional points of view and information on a range of subjects. To qualify for the role of a blogger, you must meet the following criteria and observe the following guidelines. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further concerns.

Basic publishing guidelines for guest post submission

Length: Minimum word length is 700

Guest post topics: General, Travel, Sports, Tech, Education, Health, and Business

Paragraphing: For those that are visual learners, consider dividing the material into paragraphs so that the learners can more easily grasp it. It delivers the information to our readers in a more streamlined and comprehensive manner.

Media: The post should include a photo, a chart, and a picture or a diagram. We’d be happy to help you with all other kinds of materials, just let us know what you need. PLEASE be sure if the media is for commercial usage under a creative commons permit or not.

Publishing Rules

  • Let it clear who you are and what you stand for we want our followers to recognize the connections to the subjects you write about
  • in order to post material on https://agapomedia.com/, we must be sure it is completely your own creation. For this as well as for consistency, we intend to ensure that our readers have the ability to read excellent material.
  • Stay on topic — it’s what we do, after all. Unrelated material won’t be accepted. We’ll consider General, Travel, Sports, Tech, Education, Health, and Business related topics.
  • Double-check the syntax Read the article over before you apply. We only accept explicitly written content. Low-quality content won’t be accepted.
  • Do basic SEO, is not only a goodwill action, but it also strengthens the website’s searchability and authority. It says you went the extra mile to add value to the message.
  • advertise your post on the social media networks ( Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc ).

What type of posts will get rejected?

  • sensational content
  • What we’ve written on the site already
  • something which promotes extremely
  • posts that are injurious
  • outright attacks on other people or businesses
  • things like adult content, hazard, casinos, dating, etc

Here is the golden rule: “The post should make it possible for our readers to pause their work and say WOW, SMART, COOL… I’m going to shout this Article!” Briefly, your article should be motivating!

Before Writing The guest Post on our site “Ask Yourself”:

  1. Is this as good as it gets?
  2. How would it benefit the readers?
  3. Will I like to blog about this?
  4. Am I serving the target audience?
  5. How does the reader feel after reading this?
  6. You’ve discovered something new?

Be aware that all submissions are subject to our approval and we reserve the right to make some changes until the moment it is live, particularly with regards to writing if it is too heavily edited, we could not publish it.

If you comply with these words, please submit your article here.