Why Should Sites Opt for Dedicated IP?

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The IP addresses are unique internet protocol addresses which route data from one place to another across the networks. In web hosting, two major types of IP addresses are assigned to sites. One is a shared IP address, which means multiple sites on the same server can use the same IP address.

The second one is a dedicated IP address in which a unique address is assigned to every site. A dedicated IP address is limited and specific for a single user only. It comes with numerous other perks and benefits, which is why site owners prefer it over others.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to learn and explore why sites should opt for dedicated IP addresses instead of shared IP addresses and make the right decision for your site.

Top 6 Reasons Sites Should Prefer Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP addresses are becoming far more common as compared to shared IP addresses. Most people believe that a dedicated IP address can only be secured by opting for a dedicated server; however, it is not true. It can be secured with types of hosting plans. On the contrary, shared IP addresses are only accessible through shared hosting only.

Here are the major reasons sites should prefer dedicated IP addresses over shared ones and secure them.

1. Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access is the first and foremost reason sites should prefer dedicated IP addresses. It secures and controls access to sensitive and confidential resources. It can even allow site access to specific IP addresses and restrict other gateways or servers trying to access site resources. Moreover, the site owners and concerned authorities can remotely access the site even if the domain malfunctions. All of this is possible only after securing a dedicated IP address, for which many site owners consult web hosting Dubai companies and opt for the recommended solutions.

2. More Sever Control

More server control is the next reason site owner should opt for a dedicated IP address. Shared addresses can help utilize web hosting services efficiently. However, it does not offer other potential use cases, which are only accessible with a dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP address can be used to establish and run a virtual private network and a gaming server. It can also be used to manage the server remotely and handle important files in an agile manner. All of this significantly improves the quality of operations and overall performance.

3. Improved Security

Improved security is another notable reason site owners should opt for a dedicated IP address with the hosting plan. Shared IPs can be used for malicious acts and cyber-attacks. Due to this, they are also more susceptible to attracting such negative activities. A dedicated IP address is limited to a single user only so that you will be sure that it is not partaking in some risky activities. On top of this, it will also limit the risk of attracting cyber-attacks. It can also boost your security by scanning all other associated sites for IP vulnerabilities.

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4. Reduced Risk of IP Blacklisting

The reduced risk of IP blacklisting is another major reason site owners should prioritize dedicated IP addresses. Such an IP address can offer location and safety privacy. Due to this, the IP address cannot be traced. Moreover, the site will not be blocked in specific countries and will be accessible to the users. Most importantly, spammy and malicious activities will not be associated with the dedicated IP, which increases the risk of blacklisting. The site would be perfectly functional and accessible for remote work, too, so make sure to explore it once.

5. Direct Site Access

Direct site access is the next major reason site owners should prioritize dedicated IP addresses over shared addresses. Domain servers can go down, which hinders direct access of site owners and users to the site. In that case, you can directly enter the IP address on the web, and your site will be accessible. Direct site access is impossible with shared IP addresses, as multiple sites on the same server share the IP. You will have to wait for your domain server to become functional again in order to access and use your site.

6. Better Email Deliverability

Better email deliverability is the last reason sites should opt for dedicated IP addresses. Mostly shared IP addresses are used for sending spammy and fraudulent bulk emails. They are deemed insecure and are blacklisted by email servers. Using a shared address can increase your risk of being blacklisted, too, even if you are not sending spam emails. The dedicated IP address establishes the authenticity of the email sender and boosts the deliverability rate too. You can contact and consult Hosting MENA for dedicated IP addresses and email hosting too for smooth and secure dealings.

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Do you need a dedicated IP address?

If you are looking for a dedicated IP address, you must consult hosting services. Get in touch with professional hosting service providers to explore suitable options and plans and enjoy secure service.

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