Why is Paint Removal Melbourne Necessary Before Fresh Coat?

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You must apply the wall paint every 4 years if you wish to attain a perfect wall finish. Every paint job requires proper touch-up to maintain its appeal and aesthetics. Also, as time passes, the old paint starts to chip away and peel off from the surface, making it an utmost necessity to get the fresh coat applied from time to time. 

Now that you are planning to revamp the look of your walls let’s get into the basics and see how it works!

Giving your walls a facelift can be exciting, but keeping in mind all the do’s and don’ts is equally important. While you may think that applying fresh paint on your walls is just a matter of wiping a brush over the existing paint, that’s not how it works. Getting paint removal in Melbourne is crucial when looking to achieve long-lasting results.

Also, there are many other reasons that support the theory of stripping away the old paint before applying the new paint on your walls.

Let’s find out why it matters and the reasons that support paint removal in Melbourne before you choose to apply fresh paint on your walls.


 If you want the new paint to adhere properly to the wall surface, it is important that you peel off the old paint and prepare the surface before applying the fresh coat. For the paint to properly bond with the wall surface, it requires a clean and smooth surface. The old paint may come out as flakes or result in uneven peels that may interfere with the adhesion of the new paint on your walls.

Therefore, before you decide to apply the new paint on the walls, don’t forget to call the experts and ask for paint removal in Melbourne for a smooth wall finish.


If you want a flawless and smooth look, paint removal in Melbourne is necessary. Expert painters recommend peeling off the old paint from the walls so that a smooth surface can be prepared for the application of the new paint. The old paint layer includes imperfections in the form of bumps and cracks, and when left untreated, they become even more noticeable on applying the new layers of paint over it. To avoid this scenario, you can always consult the expert plasterers in Melbourne to strip away the old paint from the walls to ensure a decent paint job.  


Again, when it comes to making your wall paint stay intact for as long as you can, it all depends on how properly you apply the fresh paint. For long-lasting and sustainable results, it’s always recommended to get the paint removal done before getting the new paint on your walls.
And if you do skip on this part, the brittle and peeled patches of the old paint will not allow the new paint to properly bond with the wall surface and will cause it to come off quite easily.

Usually, when this is the case, the old paint may come off as bumps and patches, making it more likely for the new paint to get peeled off before time.

Besides increasing the stay time, paint removal in Melbourne is a precondition if you wish to achieve a perfect look.


Health is another segment that will get impacted if you’ll not remove the old paint from your walls. Why? Because old paints contain high amounts of lead and are proven to be quite detrimental to one’s health. And while you decide to repaint your walls with the new technology colours, it becomes pertinent that you get rid of the old paint to not only attain a long-lasting finish and appearance but adding to your health benefit.

To get the best results, you can always rely on professional expertise for roof painting in Melbourne and ensure the health protection of you and your loved ones.  

Accurate Colour

If you want your new paint colour to appear in its proper and accurate shade, getting done with the paint removal in Melbourne becomes all the more important. On applying the new paint on your wall without preparing the surface, you increase the chances of it appearing in a different tone. No matter what colour is the underlying wall paint, not scrapping it before applying the new paint will cause the new paint to tamper with its shade and might not give you the expected final look.      

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gone through all the possible reasons that can harm your painting job for not scraping the old paint, you must remain extra careful about it and shouldn’t miss it even when you are tempted to do so.
To get paint removal in Melbourne, you can either perform it on your own or rely on the expert’s assistance. There are many ways to peel off the old paint layer, such as sandblasting, pressure washing, chemical paint stripping, and sanding. Other than this, you can even resort to manual paint stripping. Apart from these, you can also rely on environment-friendly resorts like soy-based gel paint removers and citrus-based paint removers. To conclude, we’d say if you really wish to save time and effort, consider hiring experts for paint removal in Melbourne and you’ll never regret your decision. 

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