Where Can I Purchase Real Leather Jackets for Men?

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Real Leather Jackets

We are often told that leather jackets are cool and masculine, but to be precise, leather jackets are the literal definition of perfection! Leather jackets have been in the fashion industry for more than 70 years, and they still stand tall with the same style, passion and boldness. 

A good real leather jacket is the complete package of strength, attitude and legacy. It embraces you with just the perfect amount of confidence, romance and daring that every man dreams of owning. 

In the early 1900s, leather jackets made their way in but were only meant to be worn by armed pilot fighters. Gradually, these leather jackets became common for people, and today, it is a fashion staple that is a must to own by all. 

Leather jackets are either constructed from genuine animal hides, known as real or genuine leather jackets, or synthetic materials, known as faux leather jackets. Real leather jackets are comparatively more expensive than faux because of the genuine animal hide used in manufacturing. For those seeking to purchase a leather jacket, we suggest you go for a real leather jacket because that’ll last longer and be worth the amount you invest. 

Today, where leather jackets have evolved the most, you can find several styles and colors in real leather jackets that’ll make you go crazy. Styles such as biker jackets, café racer jackets, motorcycle jackets, flight jackets, bomber jackets and many more are available for you to explore and choose from. 

For a classic collection of real leather jackets, you can always visit Blade Runner 2049 JacketThe brand is highly reliable and has some super classy and latest styles of leather apparel that you’ll love to go through. 

Here, in this detailed article, we will list some brands from which you can purchase real leather jackets for men.

  1. Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is one of the oldest brands that offers a mature and premium collection of leather jackets. The brand is known for the sophisticated and old-fashioned style that they add to their collection. You can find this decent and aesthetic piece of the leather jacket by Saint Laurent that is constructed from genuine leather, featuring a classic collar with a zippered closure at the front. The decent slit pockets with ribbed cuffs and hems give it an edgy look. 

  1. Belstaff

Belstaff is known for its outdoor garments, such as motorcycle and biker leather jackets. These leather jackets are ready to embrace you with the conquering look that every man dreams of. This UK brand knows what they are dealing with. Belstaff’s motorcycle leather jacket is the most dominant piece of leather jacket, with a low-profile and sleek look. This jacket structures a casual band collar with a zippered closure. The long-fitted sleeves end up with zippered cuffs for an improved fit, and the invisible side pockets keep the look minimal.

  1. Schott NYC

Scott NYC is the pioneer brand with a vast collection of men’s leather jackets. The most popular leather jacket by Schott has been The Wild One, worn by Marlon Brando in the 1950s. The jacket was not just apparel; it was a statement. This biker leather jacket by Schott NYC is a complete package of rebel romance with style and attitude.

  1. Dunhill

Dunhill is a British brand that has been dealing with leather apparel for more than decades now. They offer a wide variety of leather jackets, including suede jackets, that gives out punky and cool vibes. This black real leather jacket by Dunhill is something to get your hands onto. The jacket is made from genuine leather with premium internal fabric lining. The relaxed cut with a classic collar, zipper closure and ribbed cuffs and hem offers a mesmerizing look to the apparel. 

  1. Reis5s

Reiss has an eye-catching collection of leather jackets that are both fashionable and timeless. This British clothing brand offers leather apparel at a very affordable price but doesn’t compromise on the quality. The minimal yet subtle design of this black leather jacket by Reiss is just what you are looking for. The jacket constructed from leather features a basic collar with silver hardware and fitted wear.


Real leather jackets for men are highly trending in the fashion industry, and it doesn’t seem away any time soon. All the brands mentioned above are reliable and great sources to get your leather jacket. Explore these brands with keen eyes and a clear mind, and get the jacket you’ve been searching for. 

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