What Items Can Be Shipped in Cardboard Boxes?

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You may be wondering what kind of packaging you should use if you are just starting out in business or if you are evaluating the efficiency of your present packing procedures. Boost your sales with the right cardboard boxes for your products. While cardboard boxes are commonly used for shipping, you should consider whether or not they are safe for your products. Find out what items fare best when packaged in this way.

What Are Corrugated Packaging Containers?

Corrugated fiberboard shipping boxes are what most business owners would simply call cardboard boxes. The fiberboard medium is folded multiple times and sandwiched between two flat sheets to create this robust material. Many different types of goods can be shipped in corrugated boxes because of the versatility of the material.

Why Should You Use Corrugated Packaging?

Think about the benefits of using cardboard boxes for shipping before making a decision. This style of packaging box offers various advantages for transporting any item, including:

Extraordinary Safety

The robust materials used to make corrugated packing mean that the contents are safe from damage. Strong and sturdy shipping containers protect your goods throughout transport, allowing you to recoup your initial investment plus any repair or replacement costs.

When selecting your custom packaging boxes, you have the option of choosing the cardboard’s thickness. The stronger boxes benefit from their thicker walls. Boxes should be packed securely to prevent things from banging about in transit.

Modular Containers

Cardboard boxes of varying sizes can be used for the packaging of many different items. You can customize this packaging to meet your own business needs. You can have boxes custom-cut to the exact dimensions of your products, and then fill them with inserts and packing materials to ensure a snug fit.

Rectangular boxes are ideal for stackable things like books, but boxes of any shape will work well for storing goods of any kind. Products like shoes and toys are typically sold in boxes, making them ideal candidates for shipment.

Minimal Weight Transport

For transportation purposes, lightweight packaging materials are ideal. When the cost of shipping your goods is factored into your budget, every ounce counts, so use a lightweight material. Since cardboard is both durable and lightweight, it can be used to safely transport heavy things over long distances.

In addition to being lightweight, extra-thick fiberboard ensures that the contents of the box are distributed evenly under their own weight. Your warehouse staff will also appreciate how lightweight and manageable cardboard is.

Materials at a Low Price

Boxes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and cardboard is inexpensive. Corrugated materials are inexpensive and can help your company save money when transporting products.

Facilitated Movement

Cardboard boxes are convenient for transport because of their shape. They can bear a lot of weight being piled on top of them, and they can be stacked. Unloading bulky or multi-part products is made easier by the container’s homogeneous shape.

What Can Be Shipped in Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the standard for shipment in many different sectors. Many diverse products, especially those of unusual size or shape, might benefit from being made from this material. Here are some of the most popular items that require packaging in a box:

Dress Shoes and Clothes

Many clothing goods come in two separate packages. To ensure the safety of your clothing or accessories during transport, we recommend placing them in a plastic bag before placing them in a cardboard shipping box. Cardboard boxes come in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to effortlessly accommodate both small and large orders.


Fabrics and other craft supplies are commonly packaged and shipped in boxes by their manufacturers. The textiles are protected from dust and moisture in the shipping boxes.


Foam containers filled with dry ice or ice packs can be placed inside a corrugated cardboard box to maintain the freshness of perishable food items during transport. Packaging food in cardboard prevents spoilage by keeping out air.

Catering, food service, and subscription businesses that serve customers with healthy meals prepared in an eco-friendly manner might benefit from using cardboard because it is 100% recyclable.

Boxlark is approved for use in food products. We can make custom boxes for food products, but only if they are already wrapped and will not come into contact with the corrugated material during production.

Items for the Office

Corrugated boxes are ideal for storing and transporting office necessities such as paper, ink cartridges, pens, and pencils. Many little goods can be safely transported in one lightweight package. The boxes are well-padded to prevent the contents from banging against one another during shipping.

Materials for Industry

When shipping bulky items with multiple components, corrugated boxes are the best option. Everything from raw building supplies to huge furniture pieces that require assembly by the buyer can be safely transported in boxes. Corrugated boxes make it simple to ship or store bulky items like industrial supplies.


Many electrical devices are easily damaged by exposure to elements including heat, humidity, and vibration. Because of the high cost of these items, it is crucial that they reach customers in pristine shape. Packing sensitive products like electronics in sturdy cardboard boxes with the right amount of packing material is a must. The boxes can be marked with a fragile symbol and the contents can be kept at a safe temperature with proper packing.

Medicines and other personal effects

Corrugated boxes are a good choice for packaging fragile medical supplies like pharmaceuticals and other small, expensive items. When necessary, dry ice or similar coolant will be used to keep the boxes at a constant temperature. Shipping a large number of supplements or medications? No problem with corrugated boxes designed for many tiny goods.


You know how crucially important shipping presentation is if you sell physical things in an online store. Whether you run a subscription box service or some other kind of online store, you know how important it is to have eye-catching packaging. Startups and other small enterprises will find this to be extremely helpful. Your corrugated shipping boxes can be personalized to suit your needs.

Choose a box design that complements the items you’re selling. You have the option of using a generic shipping box or designing your own. Using corrugated shipping boxes can improve your advertising and brand recognition.

Use Boxlark to Get Personalised Packaging for Your Goods

Do you wish to ship your items in corrugated boxes? Your photos, dimensions, and other parameters can be used to design unique packaging for your shipments. Our firm’s structural designers are committed to providing you with the optimal solution.

Concerns regarding the quality of our work? Get in touch if you have any questions regarding how we make our products. Order bespoke shipping boxes in bulk today to provide your consumers with the finest unboxing experience imaginable.

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