What is the Procedure for Laser Treatment of Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids also known as piles are a disease that is developed around the anus or inside the lower part of the rectum and is caused by swollen or infected veins. So, hemorrhoids that occur around the anus are called external hemorrhoids, and hemorrhoids that are developed inside the lower part of the rectum are called internal hemorrhoids. So, hemorrhoids have become a very common disease in today’s life. People experiencing the symptoms will start to feel uncomfortable, bleeding, pain, irritation, burning, and difficulty during bowel movements. They look like a small swollen lump or a bump that is of a purple or reddish color. 

However, mild hemorrhoids usually go away within a few weeks, most probably between 1 and 2 weeks. But, if you have a very severe hemorrhoid, you need to consult a hemorrhoid doctor because severe hemorrhoids do not go away on their own. So, make sure you treat the severe hemorrhoids on time before they cause serious complications. There is also a chance that severe hemorrhoids can be symptoms of anal or colon cancer. Laser treatment for hemorrhoids is the most commonly used non-surgical treatment for hemorrhoids.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Many people, mostly women, are known to suffer from this disease at the age of 50 or over the age of 50. In short, almost all people are known to suffer from this hemorrhoid at some point in their life. The following are some of the reasons that can cause hemorrhoids. They are as follows:

  • When one sits for long hours
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity (being significantly overweight)
  • When one lifts heavy objects or things
  • When one does heavy exercise or a workout

So, here are some of the steps that can help you in preventing hemorrhoids. They are as follows:

  • Do not sit for long hours
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid holding up bowel movements
  • Consume foods or supplement with high-fiber
  • Do not lift heavy things or objects
  • Do not do heavy workouts or exercise

But first, let us talk about some home remedies that you can try at home which are also very useful in treating mild hemorrhoids.

Home remedies treatment for mild hemorrhoids

Here are some of the home remedies that work the best in treating mild hemorrhoids. You can also still follow the following steps in treating severe hemorrhoids though it cannot completely cure severe hemorrhoids. But, the following steps can still help you ease your pain, burning, discomfort, irritation, and itchiness. The steps are as follows:

  • Warm bath: 

The most effective home remedies are warm baths. This will help you ease your pain, discomfort, burning, and irritation. For this, you just need a tub to soak your bottom in warm water for at least 15 to 20 minutes. You can also use a sitz bath, a small plastic tub that is easily available at any local pharmacy. You can follow this step 3 to 4 times a day to get the best outcome.

  • Soothing wipes:

 This step is also an effective home remedy for treating hemorrhoids. This will help you in relieving the irritation and burning that dry toilet paper causes while wiping your bottom after pooping. Be sure you select soothing wipes that have no harmful chemicals or alcohol.  You can also still use a small piece of clothes instead of soothing wipes. But, make sure you moisten the clothes with some water while using them. 

  • Cold pack: 

Another effective home remedy is applying a cold pack to hemorrhoids. This will help you in relieving pain, burning, itchiness, and swelling. However, when applying ice or any frozen things to the hemorrhoids, make sure you cover them with some clothes. You can repeat this step 3 times a day.  

  • Witch hazel:

 Witch hazel is a kind of medicine that helps in treating external hemorrhoids. This will help you in relieving your itchiness, pain, swelling, and inflammation.

  • Stool softeners: 

Taking stool softeners medicines can help you have quick, easy, and painless bowel movements. Further, they also help to reduce constipation problems. A stool softener is available in the form of powder, liquid, and capsule.  

Laser treatment for hemorrhoids

Laser treatment is also called laser hemorrhoidoplasty.  In this procedure, the doctor will give anesthesia that will numb the area so that you do not feel pain during the treatment. Here the doctor uses a special laser machine that helps in generating heat energy from the intense light. The doctor then uses this generated heat energy in sealing off the blood flow to the hemorrhoids without harming the tissue or anal sphincter muscle around it. Thus, the hemorrhoids will become dry and shrink away after a few days of the procedure.

Almost all people prefer to choose laser treatment over other treatments because laser procedure involves no incision. this procedure is also very fast and simple and requires less effort. In addition, the laser procedure is an outpatient procedure which means you can go home the same day of the procedure. This also saves the money of staying overnight at the hospital.

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