What is Decentralized Gaming and its Future?

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The industry of video game development has started to become more user-centric and autonomous with the emergence of Blockchain, NFTs, and other leading-edge Web .30 technologies. This is gradually expanding more opportunities for enterprises to emerge successful in the gaming industry. 

Presently, the global population of online video gamers is over 3 billion (Source: Truelist). So, to retain this vast audience base, you should deploy cutting-edge Web 3.0 technologies with the help of a professional mobile game development company in India.  

But let us first know:

What is Decentralized Gaming?

It involves developing games on decentralized blockchain platforms like Ethereum, MaidSafe, etc. to empower players with facilities like creating or regulating gaming assets like characters, skins, cards, and other objects without seeking third-party approvals.

The concept of decentralization in online gaming has received a widespread response with the spectacular success of next-gen game applications like The Sandbox, Gods Unchained, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, etc. If you are also interested in establishing your business in this gaming segment, you must fill up the contact form of a reputed game development company in India as early as possible to receive proper assistance. 

What are the Advantages of Decentralized Gaming?

1. Direct Involvement of Players

Initially, users never had the chance to be involved in the game development activities  Besides, they also never had the scope to participate in the decision-making process to determine the evolution of the quality of a game. 

But with the arrival of decentralization in gaming, players are emerging as notable figures in the decision-making process when developing a game. They are enjoying the privilege to accept or reject proposals on altering the overall quality of a game platform quite conveniently. 

This facility is automatically raising end-user involvement in the game world which has earned the attention of enterprises. Hence, they are also interested in building player-centric gaming apps with the help of a popular game development company in India.  

2. Ensure Flexibility in Asset Utilization

Just imagine how it will feel when you are using the weapons or popular characters of GTA in Fortnite and other gaming applications. No doubt, it will elevate your gaming experience to several extents.

Initially, using characters and assets of one game on other platforms was considered an impossible dream.

But with the arrival of the decentralization concept in gaming, you do have the opportunity to smoothly utilize game assets across multiple gaming apps without experiencing difficulties.

When interchanging assets across distinct gaming platforms, receiving guidance from a leading game development company in India will be very much useful to proceed smoothly.

3. Unlimited Monetization Options

It is mainly due to the arrival of the decentralized environment in gaming, business models like Play-to-Earn, Pay-to-Earn, etc. are acquiring surplus user responses.

Similarly, decentralized gaming has also opened other earning options like claiming a registration or an entry fee for hosting events in the game platforms, receiving a transaction fee as a creator, etc. To obtain more guidance on monetizing a decentralized game, consulting a popular game development company in India will be immensely helpful.

4. Grant Privacy and Security

In the centralized game environment, users never had the exclusive authority to avoid revealing their personal data. But the introduction of decentralized gaming platforms has granted them the facility to avoid revealing their personal details when playing a game. 

Similarly, gaming studios never had the infrastructure to prevent the information leakage of their upcoming game applications. The issue is subsequently tackled quite efficiently with the arrival of decentralized servers that run on the peer-to-peer networking model. It ultimately prevents the leakage of upcoming game information quite magnificently.   

5. Encourage Creativity

The arrival of decentralized gaming platforms has resulted in the expansion of creativity due to the massive end-user participation. This has significantly raised the quality of mobile game development services and enabled players to impress a vast online community by displaying their creative abilities quite smoothly. It is also helping them to carve out a respectable space in the video game industry quite amazingly.    

Closing Statement 

The industry of gaming is constantly evolving. Now, it is becoming more user-centric with the emergence of cutting-edge Web 3.0 technologies. This is significantly uplifting the quality of mobile game development services to several extents. At the same time, enabling enterprises to explore more earning options quite conveniently. When participating in this hugely popular game segment, you must seek expert guidance to witness robust dividends quite effortlessly.

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