Welder’s Salary: What are their work and requirements?

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The critical aspect for the people while doing a job is the salary — how much do welder 

get paid? The welder’s salary will vary based on the country that the welder

 lives and works. In the USA, the wages of welders are around $43,000. In Canada,

 they make slightly less, earning on average $41,000 each year. If you’re

 considering welding, chances are you’re wondering where you’ll find work

 once you complete your training. Let’s have an overview of the top ten US States

Top 10 U.S. States

  1. Alaska,        Annual Salary: $52,989 
  2. Rhode Island,  Annual Salary:$47,927
  3. Washington,    Annual Salary:$44,019
  4. Louisiana,        Annual Salary:$41,653
  5. Oregon,            Annual Salary:$39,874
  6. Vermont,           Annual Salary:$46,452
  7. North Dakota,    Annual Salary:$39,571
  8. Maine,               Annual Salary:$38,756
  9. Connecticut,       Annual Salary:$47,504
  10. Massachusetts,    Annual Salary:$46,932

What Does Welding Technology Program Provide?

A certificate program in welding technology provides practical training in both the theory and quantitative skills needed to prepare students for entry-level employment. Some schools offer beginning, experienced, and advanced programs depending on applicants’ backgrounds and different welding inspection options. Programs provide hands-on instruction.

The program offered coursework at the certificate level provides students with the essential technical skills needed for entry-level welding positions in several industries. And advanced instruction designed to increase career opportunities or provide specialized training. 

Moreover, the required coursework often includes the following topics:

  • Blueprint reading for welders
  • Flux-core arc welding
  • Shielded metal arc welding
  • Gas metal arc welding
  • MIG and TIG processes

What Do You Get At Welding Technology Schools?

Welding technology programs can guide you to a degree or a certificate, and they may help the student prepare for industry. These programs are available at universities around the whole world. People looking for welding technology can find these specialized programs at the following universities.

What Is Welding Trade School Curriculum?

Depending on the agenda, welding trade school programs take six months to two years and 18-40 credit hours. For all stages, the welding trade school curriculum almost takes place entirely on the shop floor. Only a short span in the classroom, where you learn techniques before they get to practice under the supervision of a welding expert. Primely specialized industries, such as aerospace, require students to spend additional time learning theory and completing science lessons in the classroom. 

Best Welding Certification Programs

The framing of a Certificate Program In Welding introduces welding technicians without prior experience in the welding profession. In addition, most certificate programs will facilitate employment through an apprenticeship by providing students with the practical knowledge required in trade regulations and practices.

Through the electrician program, aspirants will gain a strong understanding of the various concepts and technical theories. Most programs cover topics including health and safety on the job, blueprint reading, sketching, applied math, shielded metal arc welding, communication, gas metal arc welding, all position structural welding, and introduction to computers.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the employment of welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers would increase by 3% between 2019 and 2029. Which is as fast as the average growth compared to other jobs. Employees who remain updated with the latest technologies should have the best job prospects. 

Welders and other workers made an average salary of $42,490 per year. However, the BLS reported that the lowest-paid welders made at least $29,470 during the same period. At the same time, the highest-paid workers earned a median annual wage of $64,240.


Aspirants can expect to learn different tools and techniques in fusing metals while in a welding trade school. If you read this far, you know what you will need to become a great welder and find a fruitful future in the welding profession. So are you ready to look at your career in welding technology? Catch the opportunity by enrolling in our welding technology diploma program. 

Career opportunities like placement, success, plus gain all the courses you will need to become a great welder are available in this one-year program. So let us assist you in beginning your journey in welding today! Register yourself with PTTI now.

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