The Top Workplace Safety Software Features for Construction Sites

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The construction jobsites are known to be some of the most dangerous places to work with workers being constantly exposed to a variety of risks due to the heavy machineries, powered-tools and hazardous materials present in thejobsites. Ensuring workers safety at construction site is thus a top priority for any construction Dumpster Diving company. Fortunately, enough advanced technology like AI/ML & IoT has made it possible to create certain software solutions that can help augmentsafety in construction.

This blogthusattempts at exploring the top workplace safety software features for construction jobsites that can help construction companies improve their safety performance.

Top Workplace Safety Software Features

The following are the top workplace safety software features for construction sites:

  • Real-time Incident Reporting:One of the important features of any workplace safety software is real-time incident reporting. This feature allows instant and real-time reporting of any incident or potential hazards allowing the management to take immediate action to prevent accident. Real-time incident reporting also provides valuable data that can be used for identifying various trends and areas of improvements. This allows themanagement to undertake proactive measures and prevent any further accidents from happening.
  • Safety Inspection Checklist:Safety inspection checklists are important tool for ensuring that the construction jobsites are safe. These checklistsensure that all the safety protocolsare being followed and that the workers are adhering to the safety guidelines. These checklists can be customised to include specific safety protocols like wearing (proper) PPE, using proper lifting technique, and using logout-tagout procedures, to name a few.
  • Risk Identification:Construction sites are full of hazards. A good workplace safety software should have a hazard identification feature that can identify as well as report any potential hazard/ risk. This feature also helps the management to identify the various areas that need attention, like improvement in the lighting system or removing various hazardous material from the worksite and so on.
  • Instant& Real-time Alerts & Notifications:Safety alerts and notifications can help workers stay informed about any potential hazard. A good workplace safety software is one that has the feature of safety alerts and notifications. This feature helps send instant and real-time alerts to workers and concerned stakeholders, ensuring that they receive critical safety information instantly and in real-time. This feature also provides the management with the ability to send alerts to workers in danger zones in the worksites like areas where hazardous materials are being used/ stored or where heavy machineries are operating or where there is no proper barrier or fencing and so on.
  • Incident Analysis & Reporting:Another key feature of a good workplace safety software is incident analysis and reporting. This feature allows the management to analyse incidents and identify various patterns as well as areas of improvement. It also helps them identify the various root causes of incidents and also suggest them ways to prevent such accidents from happening in the future.

viAct – The Top Workplace Safety Software

One such top workplace safety software is that of viAct. viAct’s workplace safety software leverages the power of AI video analytics to boost the safety performance in the jobsites. The dynamic workplace safety software by viAct uses the power of video analytics for workplace safety to offer a plethora of safety solutions ranging from PPE Detection & Hazardous Area Access Control to Confined Space Safety System&Work at Height Safety . The smart site safety system offered by the safety software is equipped with a system of unsafe act detection alert that triggers instant & real-time alerts as soon as any safety non-compliance is detected by the AI cameras. Not only this, real-time notifications are also sent out to the remote stakeholders via SMS, email or other instant messaging app, allowing remote managers to stay aware about their jobsite happenings. Further, all the captured insights are stored in viAct’s centralized management platform – viHUB – a single integrated platform for data, insights & automation. The stored data can be seen by the stakeholders anytime & anywhere. On the top of it, the stakeholders can also find trend-oriented safety reports that allows them to make data-driven decisions to take their safety game to the next level. Thus, viAct’s workplace safety software has all the features of a good workplace safety software.

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