Strategies for RUST PVE Servers

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The RUST community has been calling for additional PVE servers and PVE content. FacePunch Studios’ RUST, a survival, crafting, and base-building game, has amassed enormous popularity over the years. But rather than being famous, one may say that its reputation is more infamous. RUST is well recognized for being toxic, is infamous for it, and has been dubbed the most poisonous video game ever.

The primary cause of this is that the majority of survival games are PVE-based, or “Player Vs Environment” games. Hence, that would actually involve the environment, keeping your character warm and nourished, and creating a shelter to protect yourself from the opponents, who may be wild animals, zombies, or non-player characters (Non-Player Characters).

Most PVE survival games are built on that idea. Yet in most PVP games, like Battle Royale games, you start with nothing, loot everything you can, shoot everybody you see, and hope to be the last man remaining. RUST, on the other hand, places a strong emphasis on PVP, or Players vs. Players. The majority of PVP games last about 40 minutes from beginning to end.


The issue with PVP-based survival games like DayZ and SCUM and other games like RUST. That while you’re sleeping or at work, it may take days or even weeks to obtain a good foundation, armor, firearms, etc. Your base could be being destroyed and your treasure taken by an enemy. Hence, weeks of work will be gone when you log in the following time.

This is where the toxic behavior appears since losing in a Survival PVP game is much more severe than, say, losing in a 40-minute match on Apex Legends. The raiders are aware of this and take full advantage of it. Yet you can’t blame them because the person they are raiding has likely also conducted several raids and base destructions. The fact that they are participating in full raid PVP suggests that they had the same goal as you. As a result, there is a stronger incentive to raid and a far bigger risk of losing if you are raided.


RUST also has a problem with its lack of a single-player mode or tutorial. Instead, you are thrust into the thick of the online multiplier world without any warning. You hear shooting in the distance when you wake up naked on some island with nothing but a rock and a torch. You have no idea what to do.

Everyone’s initial impression of RUST is that. This can sound fascinating to some people, but it might be off-putting to others. RUST PVE Servers, however, are a remedy. PVE in RUST is usually monotonous. Apart from the rare NPC event and wild animals, there is no one to battle. Yet, you easily overcome these obstacles, and very fast nothing poses a significant threat.


RUST PVE Servers, on the other hand, have been heavily modified and customized by a gaming group called Salty Zombies. These servers have consistent events for you to engage in, nighttime zombie emergences, and NPCs manning every POI and monument. You can practice raiding against a base that is computer-defended in Salty Zombies by using the NPC-generated bases. the fix for one of RUST’s primary issues.


There is an RUST Base Construction Server for Salty Zombies as well. To practice creating bases, use this. This is a wonderful server to use if you want to test out new PVP designs or if you enjoy building beautiful bases. You will have all the materials you need quickly thanks to their build server’s 20x gather rate.

Along with a beautiful new construction tool menu that has all blueprints enabled, they also have a ton of QOL (Quality of Life) mods, like bigger stacks, faster smelting, slower decay, backpack mods, and treasure sorting.

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Salty Zombies has you covered if you want to learn the game without the difficulty and toxicity of PVP. Also, they host a number of games, including Atlas, DayZ, Empyrion, Scum, and Minecraft. They also host Valheim, one of the top 10 online games of 2022, according to user votes.

Because of this, make sure Salty Zombies either hosts your favorite online multiplayer game on their own servers or has a community of players for it.

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