Should I Buy My Partner A Promise Ring?

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Should I Buy My Partner A Promise Ring?
Should I Buy My Partner A Promise Ring?

Nowadays, many young couples believe in giving a promise ring to show their long-term commitment. Many people believe that promise rings and engagement rings are the same. But these rings have a thin line of difference. While an engagement ring is exchanged a short time before the wedding, the promise rings can be given anytime.

Now, the question is whether it is necessary to buy a promise ring for your partner. Well, the trend of giving a promise ring has been going on for centuries. It depends on an individual’s choice whether to give a promise ring or not to your partner. This blog highlights everything related to promise rings and what is special about these rings.

Meaning of A Promise Ring

Different people have different thoughts when it comes to a promise ring. Before we know the reasons for giving this ring, let us know the meaning of a promise ring. Promise rings show a promise between a couple to stay forever. Many couples exchange promise rings to give a message that they will soon get engaged in a short time. On the other hand, some couples also give this ring to show devotion to one another.

You can give a promise ring even after the stage of dating. It indicates that you promise to stay together for a long time.

A Glance at The History of a Promise Ring

The trend of giving a promise ring dates back to ancient times when Romans used gift rings to show their loyalty and commitment. In those days, the promise rings were designed with symbols, poems, and crystals. During the Georgian era, the promise rings were designed with the help of expensive gems such as ruby, emeralds, and diamonds.

Fashion of wearing promise rings became popular after some celebrities started wearing them. This trend is still going on among young couples who want to get engaged or married soon.

When to Gift a Promise Ring?

When to give a promise ring? This is the most common question that couples have as soon as they reach the stage of dating. The time to gift a promise ring varies according to the choice of the couple. Although a promise ring is not as important as a wedding ring, it is still important to understand the meaning of a promise ring.

You can give a promise ring to your partner when you are fully committed to him or her. When you are sure to marry a person, it is comfortable to gift a promise ring. In other words, you can gift a promise ring after dating a person for a long time.

Even if it is not important to gift a promise ring, you can still give it to your partner. There are many reasons why you must give a promise ring to your partner such as:

  • To show a long relationship with your partner
  • Promise to engage with a person in the future
  • To show your relationship as a couple
  • When you have known the feelings of your partner after the dating stage, it is the right time to gift a promise ring
  • To show commitment before your marriage
  • You can give a promise ring when you cannot propose
  • When you are moving away from your partner for a short time to study or work and you still want her/him in your life

If you have finally decided to gift a promise ring to your partner, it is also necessary to choose a unique design for your ring. Promise rings can be designed in several ways according to the type of metal, budget, kinds of crystals, and so on. Some of the most popular types of promise rings are:

1. Gemstone Solitaire

Classic gemstone solitaire is the most favorite style of women when the thing is about a promise ring. You can choose any type of gemstone to design a promise ring such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, or diamond.

A thinner band looks more beautiful in a solitaire than thicker bands. Normally, gemstone solitaires have smooth edges. The stone is placed in the center of the ring.

2. Infinity Ring

One of the distinctive features of an infinity ring is a curved setting with diamonds. This ring looks classy when women wear it on their ring finger. You can combine gemstones with diamonds or diamonds with diamonds to design this ring. Infinity rings show endless love and commitment. You can choose any type of metal, crystal, pattern, and design for an infinity ring.

3. Halo Ring

Add glamor to your promise ring by selecting a halo style. Halo rings come in different shapes, designs, and sizes for couples. A Halo ring with 28 diamonds is the most popular ring among couples these days. It is a combination of vintage and contemporary styles. Halo rings have a classy and rich finish.

4. Diamond Solitaires

Many people choose a diamond solitaire while gifting a promise ring. This style includes the use of a single diamond on a metal band. You can select silver or any other metal to design diamond solitaires. The most popular type of metal used in diamond solitaires is silver. However, you can choose the metal according to your choice and budget.

How Much Should You Spend on A Promise Ring?

This is a very important question that everyone has in his mind before giving a promise ring. If you ask according to Angara how much money you should spend on promise rings, it is not necessary to buy a costly promise ring to gift to your partner. You can even choose a cheap promise ring as it is just the beginning stage of your relationship. According to Angara, you can spend between $100 and $400 on a promise ring. In this budget, you can get a beautiful ring with different styles, designs, and metals. You can also choose a high budget if you love gifting precious promise rings.

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