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Roopkund trek  placed in the topography y  of Uttarakhand in India is a famous glacial lake. This lake is famous given that around five hundred skeletons have been observed at the edges of the lake. It’s miles placed within the Himalayas. 

Roopkund is determined in the Chamoli district of Garhwal. It’s miles many of the well-known spots to head trekking inside Garhwal.  It’s miles close to mountain hills like Nainital in India and kathgodam. It has lay 217 Kilometres distant from Nainital and 235 Kilometres far from Kathgodam, Roopkund is one the excellent interesting land for those living within the us of a as well as those who are foreigners. Roopkund is lied amid Trishul massif.

If you are considering going on a trek and are looking for the best location, you should visit the Nandi Hills. 


Set amidst the breathtaking mountainous summits, Roopkund Lake is within the spotlight for its ambiguous thriller. It’s been given a nickname known as ‘thriller Lake’ as the vestiges of human skeletons and horses that come from the Palaeolithic can be found right here. Aside from the skeleton belonging to people, you’ll additionally encounter the skeletal bodies of animals, inclusive of horses. There is affirmation that indicates these skeletons are from 12 the century. Historians believe that the loss of life of many people dwelling in the topography became a result of landslides of blizzards or a scourge. Human bones have been observed in 1942 by H k Madhwak, who changed into a Nanda Devi sport reserve ranger.

Roopkund Trek

In 2004 a group of Indian scientists and Europeans went to the territory to discover extra approximately the character of skulls. Via big research and investigation, they witness the skulls of human beings, bone, and jewelry. The DNA from the skeletons turned into gathered, and it was discovered that the people have been from numerous classes, and represented various morphological characteristics and capabilities. 

It is believed that the Radiocarbon technique of the bones turned into located at Oxford college Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit. Oxford university unit originated the age of those skulls to be between the 800th century ad. Further discovery were executed in several areas of the kingdom and across the world. Numerous scientists agreed with the truth that humans were now not killed by means of a virulent disease, instead, they died because of abrupt hailstorms. The hailstorms are considered to be what is the diameter of a cricket ball and given the lack of safety inside the open areas of the Himalayas, it is feasible that could be tormented by its perilous and immediate impacts. It’s miles considered to be one of the maximum enormous causes of the demise of the individuals who resided on this area.

 Adrenaline-pumping trek

The adrenaline-pumping trek to Roopkund starts from Lohajung, a quick skip placed at a top of sixteen,500 toes above sea level inside the Garwhal Himalayas. This breathtaking lake has a depth of about 2 meters and is a famous lake that lies in the Uttarakhand location. 

Lohajung is the gateway hiking location for Roopkund. The Roopkund trek is well referred to as Skeleton Trek due to the existence of diverse skeletons encompassing the lake. This lake is capped with snow mountains and rock-strewn glaciers.

Traveling thru India and deciding on the Roopkund adventure is a thrilling experience that passes via many fantastic and fantastic destinations. When you hike closer to the lake, will see prolific inexperienced grassy fields and conifer bushes that stretched to the valley of hills. After that, the trek makes its path throughout the river, which is named Pindar. You’ll be capable of take in the lush and natural beauty of the environment and the cool breeze this is blowing throughout the vicinity, imparting an uplifting effect for your senses.

Traveler destination

Roopkund is an remarkable, charming, and beautiful vacationer destination in the Himalayas. It’s far placed at the base of two Himalayan mountains, Trishul and Nandghungti, it fascinates people with its adventurous nature. There are rituals of religious significance which might be held in autumn. 

Thereisenumberr of routes to take you to Roopkund. The maximum famous route utilized by travelers and trekkers is thru Lohajung, all the way to wherein it’s miles feasible to journey by means of road. Trekking starts offevolved after the point thru which you could embark upon trekking. There are meadows as well in which you can live at night time. If it’s not fog-like, you’ll be capable of spot Bedni Bugyal as well as Trishul. At some stage in your journey you wi, ll witness lots of pastures for sheep, horses, and mules.  There are a handful of shrines and lakes.

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