Discover the Most Popular Fine Dining Restaurants in Delhi

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Giving any city the title of “India’s Culinary Capital” is a risk, but Delhi makes a convincing case. The soul of this bustling metropolis is inextricably linked to the flavors that dominate its dishes, and visitors are in for a treat when it comes to delectable food to gorge on.

Snack-serving eateries and delicious food can be found in almost every restaurant in Delhi, which is probably why foodies love this city so much. But what about those who are just starting in the culinary world or who want to sample everything the city has to offer? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of all the best places to eat in Delhi to help you find your favorite food spot. Let’s explore the best places to eat in Delhi with this little guide.

9  Best Restaurants in Delhi

  1. Bukhara
  2. Rajinder Da Dhaba
  3. Olive Bar and Kitchen
  4. Andhra Bhavan
  5. Indian Accent
  6. Leos Pizzeria
  7. South Campus
  8. Greenr
  9. Cafe Lota


Bukhara is unquestionably the mother of all authentic Indian food experiences. The signature and massive hot naans and malai kebabs, along with the slow-cooked dal Bukhara, will delight your palate. The earthy and rustic interiors also encourage you to eat with your hands.

Rajinder Da Dhaba

Starting as a tiny counter in Safdarjung Enclave Market, the man behind Rajinder De Dhaba is one of the best restaurants in Delhi and has now expanded his roster to include five more pseudo counters. This is the ultimate Dhaba experience, with malai tikka rolls and mutton seekh kebabs served on plastic silver plates. Prepare to wait in line for your food; it will be worthwhile.

Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive Bar & Kitchen, led by celebrity chef Sujan Sarkar, stands tall in a row of cobblestoned streets, nestled among boutiques and bars, with an almost European vibe. The bohemian vibe, combined with an open-air courtyard, has made it a must-visit for Sunday brunch, complete with Mediterranean fare.

Andhra Bhavan

Although Delhi is home to a plethora of “state Bhavans,” this one honoring Andhra Pradesh stands out. The venue, a simple canteen in the Lutyens Delhi area, is all about dipping into the South of the country with non-vegetarian thalis. You must try the mutton curry and the Hyderabadi biryani which are available on weekends at this restaurant in Delhi.

Indian Accent

Chef Manish Mehrotra’s unique fusion menu includes blue cheese naan and chicken tikka meatballs, literally accenting Indian food with global touches. The swanky Lodhi Hotel houses the restaurant, which also has locations in New York and London. We recommend the chef’s six-course tasting menu, which is paired with a wine selection.

Leo’s Pizzeria

This fun and quirky pizza parlor serve scrumptious freshly baked pies every day. Named after the owner’s dog, there are adorable photos of the late Leo all over the place, as well as tonnes of sunlight streaming in through large windows, funky old-school rock music playing in the background, and a cozy vibe.

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South Campus

If you’re looking for the most delicious food and affordable restaurant in Delhi, Satya Niketan aka South Campus is the place to be. The area, which is once again teeming with students from all over India, is home to some of the most affordable and hip cafes, including Scooter on the Wall, Big Yellow Door, and QDs. The food served here is delicious, just like the Hudson Lane in North Campus!


A super cute café with a co-working space, 80% of Greene’s menu is vegan and is causing quite a stir. The staff here makes everything, including the ketchup, and the cozy industrial vibe is ideal for enjoying plant-based dishes. The music is Shazam-worthy, so bring your phone. This is one of the top restaurants in Delhi which would you not miss on your bucket list.

Cafe Lota

This quaint outdoor restaurant tucked away in Delhi’s National Craft Museum, has a super laid-back vibe, complete with bamboo sticks as a ceiling. The restaurant is best for breakfast, brunch, or a late lunch. Try the palak chaat before touring the museum and admiring the visually stimulating handicrafts and handlooms on display.
The above are some of the must-visit restaurants in Delhi. The list presents diverse cuisines so you can choose from your preferences. Are you planning your next family trip to Delhi from Dallas? Book low-cost DFW to DEL flights with Indian Eagle today. Visit these places to try some lip-smacking desserts and finger-licking snacks.

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