How To Choose A Reputable Purohit In Bangalore For Your Wedding Or Other Rituals

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Selecting a reputed Hindu priest or a purohit for a wedding or other rituals is significant since they play a crucial role in leading religious events. Professional training of a purohit guarantees that the ritual ceremony follows Hindu customs and beliefs. 

Additionally, a well-known purohit or pandit will be trustworthy and dependable, each of which is critical for a successful and strain-free celebration. But, often, there are challenges in choosing the reputable pandit, including language barrier, availability, trust issues, knowledge, etc.

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Furthermore, if you’re confused about checking whether the pandit is experienced and professionally trained, this blog has covered all the details for you. Scroll down to know more. 

Details of Rituals Performed in Wedding in Bangalore- 

  • Haldi-

It is a pre-wedding process when a haldi or turmeric paste is applied to the groom and the bride under the guidance of a purohit. 

  • Mehndi-

Pandits usually chant mantras and offer prayers to give blessings, while the bride’s hands and feet are applied with a henna design during this pre-wedding ritual.

  • Jaimala or Varmala-

The wedding rituals start with jai mala, when the groom and the bride exchange flower garlands with each other.

  • Mangalsutra and Sindoor-
Mangalsutra and Sindoor

Mangal sutra is tied to the bride, and sindoor is offered to the bride by the groom under the guidance of a pandit.

  • Kanyadaan-

The bride’s father offers her hand to the groom during this rite, conducted by a reputable pandit.

  • Seven Promises or Saat Phere-

The pandit guides the groom and bride as they make seven rounds across the holy fire and exchange seven vows, signifying their dedication to one another.

  • Vidaai or Doli-

It is the last ritual performed at the wedding venue when the bride leaves her house after completing certain rites under the guidance of a pandit.

A pandit accurately and adequately performs all these wedding ceremonies and rituals as they are professionally trained in Hindu customs and scriptures. Moreover, they are also trained in the proper recitation of mantras and shlokas, highlighting their importance for the spiritual sanctity and validity of the event. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Purohit for a Wedding in Bangalore 

A few of the factors to consider when choosing a purohit for a wedding in Bangalore are the following-

  • Experience And Expertise-

Select a priest who officiates Hindu weddings and is well-versed in the traditions. Also, check out their overall experiences performing the religious ceremony to get an idea of the authenticity. 

  • Recommendations And References-

Seek references and recommendations from wedding planners, family, or friends to choose a trustworthy purohit.

  • Availability And Flexibility- 

You must ensure that the purohit you hire is flexible for your wedding rituals and is available for all the rituals at the given time. 

  • Communication Skills And Professionalism- 

The communications skills of the purohit you hired are a must since he must communicate well in your preferred language and perform all the rituals professionally.

  • Fees And Charges

The charges and fees of the purohit you choose must be within your limitations.

How to Check Whether the Pandit is Perfect for Wedding and Other Rituals? 

Here are some tips to help you check whether the pandit you hired is perfect for weddings and other rituals-  

  1. Research Online 

It would help if you researched online using search engines, web services, social media sites, video content, and online directories to check whether the pandit you selected is perfect for weddings and many other rituals.

  1. Check Reviews And Ratings 

Finding out if a purohit is qualified to perform a marriage or any other Hindu ritual may be done by looking at ratings and testimonials. You may read online evaluations left by past customers or get referrals from family, friends, or the Hindu society in your area.

  1. Ask For References And Verify Their Experiences 

Finding out if a purohit is qualified to perform a marriage or other ceremonies is also done by requesting references and checking their qualifications. By interacting with their former customers, you learn much about the pandit’s competence, temperament, and expertise.

  1. Meet With The Purohit In Person And Ask Questions

Meeting the pandit personally and asking questions might help you decide whether they are qualified to perform Hindu rituals and weddings. In addition, it can assist you in comprehending the pandit’s method for carrying out Hindu ceremonies and determine whether they are the right choice for your requirements.


The correct and courteous performance of the ceremonies and rituals requires training, education, and expertise. A professional purohit can guide the families throughout the proceedings of weddings or other practices. Also, selecting a trustworthy purohit can make the marriage or ritual memorable. 

But, a few challenges, like finding the right, knowledgeable, well-communicative purohit within your budget, make people look for the best solutions. SmartPuja is always there to overcome such challenges and provides a one-stop solution for all your puja needs. Connect with their experts to hire a reputable purohit in Bangalore for your wedding ceremony and many other rituals and experience a hassle-free pandit booking solution. 

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