Neo Hair Lotion Price in UAE: Is It Worth the Investment?

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Hair loss and hair thinning are two common problems faced by people worldwide, irrespective of age and gender. People often resort to various hair care products, including hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, and hair lotions, to prevent or reduce hair loss. One such hair care product that has gained significant attention in recent years is Neo Hair Lotion. But what is Neo Hair Lotion, and is it worth the investment? Let’s find out in this article on “Neo Hair Lotion Price in UAE.”

What is Neo Hair Lotion?

Neo Hair Lotion is a hair care product that claims to stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss, and improve hair density. It is a herbal product that contains natural ingredients such as Bhringraj, Amla, and Brahmi, which are known to have hair growth-promoting properties. Neo Hair Lotion also claims to nourish the hair roots, strengthen hair follicles, and prevent premature greying.

How does Neo Hair Lotion work?

Neo Hair Lotion contains ingredients that promote hair growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp, which provides the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. The lotion also claims to strengthen hair roots and prevent hair breakage. With regular use, Neo Hair Lotion claims to improve hair texture and reduce hair loss, leading to thicker and fuller hair.

What is the price of Neo Hair Lotion in UAE?

The price of Neo Hair Lotion in UAE varies depending on the quantity and the seller. Generally, a 100 ml bottle of Neo Hair Lotion costs around AED 60-70, whereas a 200 ml bottle costs around AED 100-120. However, the price may vary depending on the seller and the location.

Is Neo Hair Lotion worth the investment?

The efficacy of Neo Hair Lotion in promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss may vary from person to person. While some people may experience significant improvements in hair growth and thickness with regular use, others may not see any noticeable changes. However, considering the natural ingredients and the reasonable price range, Neo Hair Lotion can be worth trying for people experiencing hair loss or thinning.

How to use Neo Hair Lotion?

To use Neo Hair Lotion, take a small amount of lotion on your fingertips and apply it on the scalp, starting from the roots to the tips. Gently massage the scalp for a few minutes to promote blood circulation. Use Neo Hair Lotion twice a day for the best results.

Precautions while using Neo Hair Lotion

Neo Hair Lotion is for external use only and should not be consumed or applied on broken or irritated skin. If you experience any allergic reactions or irritation, stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist. Also, keep the lotion away from the reach of children.

Are there any side effects of Neo Hair Lotion?

Neo Hair Lotion is a herbal product and does not contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients that may cause side effects. However, people with sensitive skin may experience allergic reactions or irritation. It is always advisable to do a patch test before using any new hair care product.

Where to buy Neo Hair Lotion in UAE?

Neo Hair Lotion is available at various pharmacies and online stores in UAE. Some popular online stores to buy Neo Hair Lotion in UAE include Amazon, Noon, and Souq. It is always advisable to check the authenticity of the product and the seller before making a purchase.


Neo Hair Lotion is a herbal hair care product that claims to stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss, and improve hair density. It contains natural ingredients that promote blood circulation in the scalp and nourish hair follicles, leading

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