Live TV Streaming Services – Finding the Best Pick For You

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Live TV Streaming

Live TV streaming offers tons of great content with sports, news, movies, shows, and everything else. Mostly, people look for a subscription that offers the biggest bang for their buck, and for that, DirecTV promises nothing but the best. Follow this link to learn more:

However, there is more to consider when choosing a live TV subscription, and that is exactly what we are here for today. After careful consideration and analysis based on value, features, and reliability, we have rounded up some of the top live TV streaming services. Take a look at this chart before we dive deeper into the details:

ServicePriceChannelsMultiple StreamsDetails
YouTube TV$72.99 per month100+3View website
Hulu+ Live TV$69.99 – $82.99 per month85+2View website
Philo TV$25 per month70+3View website
Sling TV$40 – $55 per month50+1 – 4View website
DirecTV Stream$74.99 – 154.99 per month150+3 – unlimitedView website

YouTube TV

The best qualities of YouTube TV are its unlimited DVR, smooth interface, and easy search option. However, it may be slightly expensive for some people, as it may miss out on some important channels like A&E and Lifetime.

YouTube brings the all-so-familiar interface and packs a wide array of entertainment, sports, and add-on channels. It is one of the best TV streaming services for more than one reason. A few notable features include ease of use, great performance, and a huge channel lineup. Although it costs a little extra, we think it’s worth it.

It comes with unlimited DVR storage, where you can store your downloads or recorded shows for up to 9 months. Also, its search option, powered by Google integration, is fantastic in live TV streaming. Finally, it offers an amazing lineup of channels, including some of the most favorites like Comedy Central, ESPN, HBO Max, and more. All in all, YouTube TV brings in a complete entertainment package for one monthly price.  

Hulu+ Live TV

Featuring a full Hulu on-demand experience and with Disney+ and ESPN+ included in the package, Hulu+ Live TV is awesome.

After great success with some of the best originals in the market and great comedy sketches, Hulu has entered the TV streaming market with Hulu+ Live TV. Overall, it is a decent service, with a good amount of channels and bundled packages with Disney+ and ESPN+. Moreover, it offers unlimited cloud storage where you can store your recorded shows for nine months (similar to YouTube TV). All in all, it is a nice upgrade from Hulu and is a decent choice for live TV streaming with access to great on-demand content with the choice of getting a cheaper ad-supported bundle or a bit-expensive ad-free version.

Philo TV

As the cheapest live TV streaming option, Philo offers channels that are unavailable elsewhere at a shocking price tag. Philo comes with a single affordable package with the best, most popular, and most fan-favorite channels. Moreover, it has some exclusive channels that are missing from other live TV streaming services.

It is due to some kind of conspiracy thing because if you dig deeper, Philo is co-owned by four major media companies that are also the owner of those channels. So, they have made it exclusive only to Philo TV. However, it is priced low because you cannot access local channels or sports, and it offers only lifestyle and entertainment channels. If you want more, you should find another service or buy an antenna.

Another great aspect of Philo is that it comes with unlimited storage, where you can store your recordings for a whole year. Philo TV is an amazing choice for budget TV hunters and includes great entertainment for everyone. Keep in mind that it may lack sports or local channels and has only a few add-ons or upgrades.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream offers a huge channel lineup with lots of sports networks, movies, shows, and much more, with premium add-ons available for more entertainment. This service is the ultimate one-stop shop for all TV buffs. However, its plans are a tad bit expensive and provide limited cloud DVR storage.

Formerly AT&T TV, DirecTV leaped out to stand on its own feet, and after various iterations, DirecTV Stream emerged. Since then, it has evolved and developed a lot to become one of the best live TV streaming services in the market.

DirecTV stream has different plans for different likings, which are as follows:

  • Entertainment – a must-have lineup of sports, news, and entertainment.
  • Choice – a plan suited for sports lovers with NBA, MLB, college networks, and more.
  • Ultimate – an ideal plan for the whole family and movie lovers that comes with STARZ ENCORE and more.
  • Premier – a paradise for all TV enthusiasts, comes with premium networks.

Compared to many other live streaming services, Stream includes more regional sports networks than any other and also offers DirecTV Stream local channels for more entertainment. It also provides a host of premium networks, including HBO Max, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, STARZ, MGM+, and more.

All in all, DirecTV stream is a simple and straightforward service that provides access to live TV and on-demand content with a huge library of apps to download from. Also, it comes with a premium, fully-featured voice remote control that is built with the highest quality in mind for all entertainment lovers, casual watchers, and binge-watchers. Although it may seem a bit pricey, it is a full service with all that you want for complete entertainment.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the best for customizable channel add-ons and inexpensive plans. However, it has limited local channels and DVR storage.

Sling TV is somewhat similar to Hulu+ Live TV. However, it is highly customizable, with several add-on packages available, suitable for both casual and binge watchers. Moreover, its channel lineup is amazing, with a mix of kids, sports, and entertainment channels. Also, it has a strong cable channel lineup and has proven to be a solid service overall. Still, it is not a one-size-fits-all, but it does help its customers use antennas to get local channels. Finally, the best thing is that you get over 30 add-on channel package options so that you can tweak the lineup according to your liking; it is more for picky customers.

Final Takeaway

Overall, all these services are unique and great in their own ways. Each offers decent packages and content that is well-suited for everyone. From kids’ shows to suspense and horror-filled movies, you will find everything on these services and then some more. Also, you can combine more than one service to get everything that you need on your TV.

Finally, all these services are easy to set up and subscribe to. We have mentioned the website link for each and hope we have provided enough information that will help you find the best pick for you.

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