How to apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

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If you’re confused about the Facebook verification procedure that was necessary for WhatsApp Business API clearance and the “Green Tick” next to your company name on WhatsApp, you’re not the only one. 

We’re here to explain the distinctions to you. Additionally, we’ll walk you through the procedures necessary to obtain this WhatsApp badge for your company.

First things first: to set up a WhatsApp Business API account, your company must first complete the Facebook Business Manager verification procedure.

However, even having your business verified does not guarantee that a green checkmark appears next to its name on WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp is always exploring methods to improve consumers’ perceptions of the reliability of commercial communications on the platform. 

Customers may be certain that they are corresponding with a business’s verified, authorized account thanks to this verified emblem.

This is the green tick/verified badge we’re referring to, in case you’re still unclear.

WhatsApp is picky about which businesses receive this green checkmark, and it usually only gives it to well-known names.

Another thing to take note of is WhatsApp’s disclaimer, which states that this is the company’s “Official Business Account.” This leads us to the following part, which discusses the many kinds of company accounts!

What is WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

The WhatsApp Green Tick Verification is a logo that is intended to make it easier for users to tell the difference between a real brand account and a phoney account. 

It shows that WhatsApp has validated the business account and that it indeed belongs to the brand it represents.

For well-known businesses that are vulnerable to having their accounts impersonated, this symbol is extremely crucial. WhatsApp is picky about which companies receive this green checkmark. As a result, they frequently provide it to well-known businesses like Adidas, Coca-Cola, and others.

All WhatsApp accounts that use the Business App and API are by default business accounts. To apply for a green tick, a company must have a WhatsApp API account. 

After being authenticated and receiving the green checkmark, the business account becomes an official business account.

There are several advantages to receiving the green tick even if it doesn’t have any additional features.

Eligibility for a WhatsApp Green Tick:

The crucial portion is now here: what qualifies a firm for a green checkmark?

The qualifying requirements to apply for the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification are as follows:

• You must connect WhatsApp Business API with your company; to accomplish this, contact solution providers like interact.

• Your FB Business Manager should be used to complete the Facebook business verification.

• It is strongly advised that your company’s message level be Tier 2 or above.

• Typically, WhatsApp only permits well-known and reputable firms to receive the verified badge.

The application process for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification:

To apply for a Green Tick, follow these steps Your company must be linked with WhatsApp Business API before you can apply for the green tick. After that, your API provider will assist you with the green tick application.

If you decide to join Interakt, we will make this procedure easier for you. We submit the application on your behalf for free once you have supported 50+ users on WhatsApp using Interakt. 

Despite this, Bulk SMS Service Provider has no control over WhatsApp’s choice to accept the green tick application for your company. WhatsApp’s choice in this instance is final.

In addition to having a green checkmark, Official Business Accounts will show the business name rather than merely the phone number you would see when texting a standard business account on chat thread heads, chat lists, and business profiles.

Users of WhatsApp don’t need to save their phone numbers to view the name of your company. 

Because of this, WhatsApp users can distinguish Official Business Accounts from other company accounts and know they are connecting to the correct business account.

The chat list, chat list headers, and business profiles will all display the business name of any company that has confirmed their Meta Business Manager as of October 2022.

While the time spent validating their Meta Business Manager before applying for the green tick will not be in vain, receiving the green tick itself is a bonus because it shows how well-known your company is.


It usually takes 2-4 business days to find out if your application for a green tick was successful if you do it on your own. After 30 days, you can reapply for green tick verification if it is denied the first time. 

However, Meta advises companies to wait a while to increase their visibility in news pieces before reapplying.

Contrary to common assumption, becoming verified on WhatsApp does not automatically follow getting a verified Facebook Page or Instagram profile. 

However, there are a few additional ways to link your WhatsApp account to your company.

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