How Do Care Of Your Aquamarine Jewelry?

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Aquamarine is a pale greenish blue gemstone that belongs to the beryl family and was given that name in honour of the majestic and holy sea. Aquamarine jewelry, known as the “March Gemstone,” is a representation of optimism, lasting joy, and a happy youth. The tranquilly and quiet of the sea and water are reflected in its enticing and reflecting blue shine. The ancient Romans considered aquamarine to be a stone of love and advised grooms to present their brides with a beautiful aquamarine ring on their wedding night. It was thought to encourage a strong bond between the pair throughout their marriage.

As one of the most versatile gemstones, beautiful aquamarine jewelry such as aquamarine pendants and aquamarine necklaces have grown in popularity due to their vibrant and joyful appearance, allowing the wearer to wear it with a variety of everyday clothes. Alike the heart chakra, aquamarine also has a strong and lasting connection with the throat chakra. On adorning with aquamarine jewelry, the health of a person’s throat improves dramatically. He becomes an avid communicator and a great listener too.

Besides, the overall health of other primary organs like the eyes, ears and lungs becomes more stable and intact. For the betterment of the body and its vital organs, get a stylish and sizzling piece of aquamarine pendant or aquamarine necklace. However, its flawless appearance and timeless elegance require the owner’s attention and care when handling aquamarine jewelry. To keep your precious aquamarine jewelry long-lasting and beautiful, simply follow these 5 aquamarine jewelry care tips.

How do I Clean My Aquamarine jewelry?

Even a hard stone, aquamarine jewelry is sensitive to dust and dirt particles, which can discolor it. However, you can easily restore its beauty and shine by following this simple, step-by-step cleaning guide for aquamarine jewelry. Prepare a solution by adding a few drops of mild dish soap to warm water.

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Mix well Now leave your aquamarine jewelry in the solution for about 30 minutes without disturbing it. The dishwashing detergent molecules will attack the roots of these dust particles and loosen them. Now remove your jewelry and use a soft brush to removing those dust particles don’t scrub mercilessly. Otherwise, the jewelry will deform or deform. Now dry the damp but cleaned aquamarine jewelry with a micro cloth or jewelry cloth.

Keep Aquamarine Jewelry Chemical Free

Chemicals and gemstone jewelry will always go together. They must never meet or touch each other. Aquamarine jewelry is no exception. Once aquamarine comes into contact with harsh chemicals, it can change color or warp. Even when cleaning, don’t use anything whose ingredients contain harsh chemicals (such as dish soap or soap). To maintain the lasting shine of your aquamarine jewelry, always keep it away from products containing chemicals. This includes all your cosmetics such as perfume, nail polish, lipstick, conditioner, soap and shampoo, etc.

How to Store Your Aquamarine jewelry?

Even if you are very versatile and attractive, there may be occasions when you will not wear this beautiful aquamarine jewelry. In this case, it is equally important to store the properly to avoid breakage or damage. Be sure to store them separately in airtight zippers so they don’t end up bumping into each other. The also likes to store them in a cool, dry place away from moisture. Strictly keep away from heat and sunlight. The best way to do this is to use the jewelry box you received from the jewelry store. Simple, but the most effective.

How Often Should You Clean Your Aquamarine Stone ?

Well, it depends on many factors. The most important thing is how often you wear it. Depending on usage, cleanings can vary from a few times a week to about a year. The second most important factor is the type of weather you wear it in. For example, if you wear it in summer, elegant aquamarine jewelry is exposed to a lot of natural oils and sweat, which can wash your body. So in this case, regular cleaning is necessary to maintain its shine. To be on the safe side, consider switching professional services once or twice a year.

When to Collect Aquamarine jewelry?

Please consider removing your aquamarine jewelry when performing household chores, water activities, or any activity that does not meet the above safety standards. For example, if you wear an Aquamarine Ring while gardening and the ring hits the stone, the ring could be badly damaged.


Aquamarine jewelry is divine and beautiful gemstone they need to be taken good care off. To keep your gemsotnes jewelry safe and as same as the shine they have when you buy it you need to take care of them and clean them properly . So for more such guidance about the cleaning of the gemstones jewelry do visit @rananjayexports and get the knowledge of everything .

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