Here’s How To Pick A Mobile Case

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We spend thousands of rupees on smartphones, but when it comes to accessories, particularly case, we opt for the cheapest options. Some of us refuse to buy one because they make our phones bulky. We cannot deny that phones without cases are more vulnerable to cracks, bumps, dents, and even shattered screens.

Zapvi offers a wide range of mobile cases with eye-catching prints and designs at reasonable prices. They protect your phones from smudges and scratches. The best ones will even shield your phone from dents, bumps, drops, and other physical harm. If you recently purchased a smartphone, here is a comprehensive guide on how to purchase a mobile case.


It is critical that you find a strong Oneplus Nord case that not only protects your Oneplus Nord but is also attractively designed.

Backpacks with cases

Standard or slim cases protect the back and sides of the phones while allowing full access to the screen. These are easy-to-use types of cases for people of all ages. These mobile cases are available in plain, printed, transparent, and beautiful solid colour variations.

Cases that are tough and rugged 

Tough and rugged cases, which redefine style while protecting your smartphones from scratches, bumps, and drops, are another good option. Some Oneplus nord 2 cover are even specialised, providing water and dust protection. Tough cases are made of several layers of plastic, making them strong and long-lasting. Tough and rugged cases are recommended if you want to protect your phone from various types of physical damage. Folios (also known as flip cases) cover every side and corner of your smartphone and open like a book.

Flip or folio cases

Folios (also known as flip case) cover every side and corner of your smartphone and open like a book. To provide complete edge-to-edge protection, folio or flip cases add weight to the phone. Sometimes the flip covers include pockets for holding cash or cards, doubling as wallets.

Cases for bumpers

These cases are light and simple in design. They only back cover the back and front of the phone, leaving the back and front exposed. Bumper cases are made of shock-absorbing materials that shield the phone from bumps. They are viable alternatives to conventional cases. because you can show off the design and colours of your smartphone.

Cases for pouches

Pouches are simple and effective at protecting smartphones from scratches and smudges. They are not limited to smartphones and can be used to store debit cards or cash as well. Because pouches do not attach to mobile phones, you must remove your phone each time you need to use it. Soft fabric, rubber, and leather are used to make mobile pouches. Even though pouches provide complete protection, Soft fabric, rubber, and leather are used to make mobile pouches. Even though pouches provide complete protection, phones can still fall out of them. Some pouches include a button to prevent this from happening.

Case for batteries 

These cases are intended to charge phones in an emergency. They have a battery inside that allows them to do this. On the other hand, battery cases are typically large and heavy. Aside from the design, make sure to check the power capacity of these cases.

Skins for mobile phones

If the majority of these phone cases fail to impress you, phone skins are the way to go. These skins allow you to personalise your phones while also protecting them from scratches and smudges. There are numerous styles to choose from, including movie characters, camouflage, matte, solid colours, textures, and many more.

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