Guide For International Students To Study In Poland

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If you want to Study in Poland then this article is for you. Poland I’d the country which has a rich history and vibrant culture. The people of this country are very welcoming so you will not find any difficulty in communicating with the people of this country. This country is attracting even more students from abroad. The education in this country is world-class education at modest tuition fees. In addition, the cost of living is remarkably affordable for students.

Moreover, this country for s located in central Europe. It is a large country with a wide range of universities. The students are finding the courses of their interest in the Universities of this country. That’s why, if you are interested in getting an education from this country then you must consult with 7 Sky Consultancy.

History Of Higher Education In Poland

If we talk about higher education then it is dating back nearly 800 years in this country. The country is home to over 400 institutions. Many of these universities now also offer programs in English as well. This country is well known for its world-class education. Moreover, you can have the best medical degree from the institutions of this country. You can get a Poland student Visa by seeking help from Poland student Visa consultants. And we are the best for this consultation. 7 Sky Consultancy is playing its role in guiding students for many years.

How It Is Living In This Country As a Student?

You are going to study in Poland as a student. Due to this reason, you must know how life is in this country as a student. Studying in this country is attractive academically. You will find high quality of life which is available for you in this country. The economy of this country is very modern, clean, and safe. It offers all of the social and cultural opportunities to the students. The cost of living in this country as a student is much lower than the cost of living in other countries of Western Europe.

Tuition fee and cost of living

The students must be aware of the tuition fee and cost of living in this country before they study there. As we know that it is an attractive destination for students. If you are interested in studying at the public universities of this country then the average cost would be 2,000 EUR. This average cost is for the First degree. But the cost of a higher degree is almost 3000 EUR per year. Therefore, this is a much more affordable tuition fee for the students who are willing to study at the university of this country.

Now next we are giving to talk about the cost of living for the students in this country. The cost of living in this country is surprisingly low as compared to other countries and their expenses. The students have t pay less than 100 EUR for a shared room in the hostel or a flat. Your other expenses depend upon the type of lifestyle you are adopting in this country.

Education In Poland

Here comes the most important feature which is you are going to another country. The most important thing is the kind of education that you will get in that country. We are talking about Poland then we will discuss the education system of This country as well. Hence, this is a country that has a long and proud tradition of keeping institutions for students in difficult times. It offers three types of degrees to students for getting an education. These three degrees are:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree
  • PhD

The grading system of the higher education

There are five scales on which the education system of this country grades the students. These five scales are :

  • 5: very good
  • 4+: better than good
  • 4: Good
  • 3+: better than satisfactory
  • 3: satisfactory
  • 2: Fail

Language And Culture

The language and culture of a place affect the life of the students. If you are going to study in a country, there must be information about the language and culture of that country. In this part of the article, we will know about the language and culture of Poland. This country has a strong bond to traditions. It is keeping its cultural heritage intact for many years. Thus, they contribute very much to art, music, literature, science, etc. The history of this country is surrounded by the values of honesty and respect. They very much focus on their family as well.


In short, there are many benefits for students who want to study in this country. After reading this article, you have very useful information about the study in this country. You will be well aware of the language and culture of this country. Now, you just have to apply for a Poland student Visa of this country. But you have to seek help from 7 Sky Consultancy in ltancy for this.

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