How to Draw a Rose With Stalk

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How to Draw a Rose With Stalk. Learn how to draw a beautiful rose with a stem with easy step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial. By following the simple actions, you, too, can easily draw a lovely rose with a branch. Would you like to draw a lovely flower? Doing so is simple with this picture tutorial.

Following the step-by-step instructions in this drawing guide, you’ll soon be able to draw your rose, complete with leaves and stems. You won’t need special tools to create this drawing, just paper, and a writing instrument. – a pencil, pen, or marker. Draw lightly at first, as you’ll be erasing some of your lines as you go along.

This drawing has many details, but the illustrations below show each step. The blue line is a new addition to the drawing in each image. If you liked this tutorial, check out the following drawing guides: Simple Rose, Rose Flower, and Cartoon Flowers.

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Step-by-Step Education for Drawing a Rose With a Stem.

Step 1

Begin by drawing a long, curved line from the middle of the paper to almost the end.

Step 2

Then follow the same curve and draw a line on each side of your first line.

Step 3

Connect the bottom of the three lines with another curved line. It should start and end at the bottom of the outside lines. You now have a rose stem.

Step 4

Draw the thorns on the stem. To create a thorn, use two lines to make a triangle, with the base being part of the stalk. Each triangle should slope up. Draw three spines on each side of the stem.

Step 5

Next, you’ll erase your guidance line. Erase the foremost line you drew from the base of the stem. Next, erase the bottom of each triangle on the right side of the stem. To create depth, extend the sides of these curved triangles past the line that is the stem side.

Step 6

Extend a curved arc from the stem between the two bottom spines on the right. Extend another arc just above the one you just drew. The two arcs must meet at one point.

Step 7

Draw two more arcs between the top two spines on the left side of the stem. You have just drawn the central veins of the leaves of the rose.

Step 8

Now you will draw the leaf itself. Start with an arc that extends upward near the base of the blade. Make a small arc down, then a longer arc to the left. Draw two more irregular points in this way, connecting the final arc to the point of the leaf vein. Do the same under the vein, making four stitches in the process. You now have the outline of your first leaf.

Step 9

Use a series of arcs to make three jagged points above and four points below the vein of the double leaf. Connect the upper and lower parts of the leaf to the tip of the vein.

Step 10

Detail your leaves with veins raying from the major veins. Use five curved lines on each of the four leaf sections, starting from the midrib and extending to the edge of the leaf.

Step 11

Use curved lines to create an irregular pentagram shape at the top of the stem.

Step 12

Draw a small circle halfway between the stem and the top of the paper. Then draw a semicircle around the first one, connected to the first circle on the left and open on the right.

Step 13

Draw a curved line around your little circle in the shape of an irregular oval, open at the bottom right corner. This looks like an ear. Then draw a long, curved line from the bottom left corner of the “ear” to the center of the star shape. From the good side of the “ear,” draw another curved line half the size of the first.

Step 14

Using a series of arches, create a petal to add depth.

Step 15

Draw a curved line that wraps around the “ear” part.

Step 16

Using two curved lines each, draw a petal on each side of the flower.

Step 17

Connect the final two petals with an unmarried curved line. Draw another curved line from the center of the left side petal to the bottom of the flower, making a loop to connect the line to the bottom arc of the left side petal. Draw another curved line from the center of the right petal to connect to the bottom of the flower. Next, connect your flower to the star-shaped stem part with two simple curved lines.

Step 18

Draw five more petals around the outside of the flower using five curved lines.

Step 19

Draw curved triangular leaflets at the four corners of the flower.

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