Dissertation Advice – Grade Increasing Tips by Harvard Graduate

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Writing a dissertation and formatting it in the best way is not child’s play. It is the work of experienced researchers and authors who know its requirements. However, with proper dissertation advice, a newbie like you can also craft a good dissertation. Finding a piece of advice on writing a first-class dissertation is very difficult these days. No student wants to share his secret recipe to success. But you do not need to worry when we are here.

To assist students in writing their dissertations, we have compiled all the pieces of advice provided by a Harvard graduate. Basically, we have interviewed the top graduates from Harvard Business school. Based on their responses and dissertation advice, we have made this guide. A brief description of all the points put forward by them regarding dissertation writing and formatting are as follows.

Dissertation Writing Advice By The Top Harvard Graduate

Dissertation writing is not something you can complete overnight. It takes time, energy, and skills to write a perfect dissertation. However, with proper advice and guidelines, you can make it on time. Do you know what those guidelines are? Most probably, your answer is no. Thus, a brief description of the pieces of advice is as follows:

Choose An Interesting Topic

The first piece of advice is about selecting a dissertation topic. The Harvard graduate said that you should select a topic that represents your research interests. It must not be a topic that you are forced to write on. Furthermore, the topic of your choice must be a balanced topic. It should neither be too broad nor too narrow in its scope. Instead, it should focus on one thing.

Research The Topic Well

The next piece of advice is about research. Research is the most important phase in writing a dissertation, and this point is the most valuable dissertation advice. As the writer and researcher, you should research the topic well and collect only relevant information about the topic. Make sure that you visit only credible websites for this purpose. Some of the top websites in this context are ResearchGate and Google Scholar.

Set SMART Research Questions

3rd piece of advice suggests following the SMART technique to compose research questions. SMART is a framework that you must follow. The research questions developed using this framework are specific, measurable, achievable, researchable, and time-bound. These are the properties that a research question must have. Thus, make sure that all your research aims, objectives, and questions are developed using this.

Create A Writing Plan

The next point put forward by Harvard graduates was the creation of a plan. He said that you must create a plan before working on the actual dissertation. The plan should outline the major sections and subsections of your dissertation. In simple words, it acts as a hypothetical table of contents. A plan is mandatory to create because it does not allow you to get off track when the actual writing task begins.

Follow The Structure

The 5th dissertation advice given by the Harvard graduate is that you should follow the structure of your dissertation. A dissertation follows a standard five-chapter structure. The first chapter is the introduction, followed by the literature review. The 3rd and 4th chapters discuss the research methodology and results & discussion, respectively. Lastly, the conclusion is the 5th chapter and last structural element.

Edit And Proofread The Work

Editing and proofreading are two very important tasks in writing a dissertation. It is what the Harvard graduate also emphasises during the interview. He said that editing and proofreading are the backbones of a perfect dissertation. Therefore, you must re-read your dissertation and eliminate all the mistakes. When you edit and proofread the work properly, nothing leaves behind that can affect the dissertation quality.

Hire A Writing Service

The last dissertation advice from the Harvard graduate is to hire a writing service. There are many dissertation writing services in UK that assist students and work on their behalf. Such services take the work of students, understand it, and write a perfect dissertation on their topic. They charge a little amount of money from students, but it is worth it. Thus, hire a dissertation writer for your document.

Top Writing Services To Hire For Your Dissertation

After reading pieces of advice, you must be thinking about the top writing services. Well, as mentioned above, there are plenty of services working online. However, as per the dissertation advice from the Harvard graduate, there are only a few authentic services. The two most authentic services in this context are as follows:

The Academic Papers UK

The first authentic dissertation writing service in the UK is known as The Academic Papers UK. It is a service that has expert and experienced writers to work on your dissertation. Their writers are known for their quality work. With this service, you get a completely written dissertation on time. Some advantages of hiring this service are given below:

  • Expert and native English writers
  • On-time delivery of dissertations
  • 24/7 customer support is also available

Dissertation Writers UK

Dissertation Writers UK is the second-best service in the UK for getting quality dissertations on time. The speciality of this service is its custom writing service. Its writers follow all the guidelines provided by you and do not deviate from them. At the end of the day, you receive a dissertation that complies with your teacher’s guidelines. Referenced beneath are the top advantages of this service:

  • Top writers who are graduated from Russell Group universities
  • Delivers only non-plagiarised documents
  • Free editing and proofreading of the dissertation

Final Thoughts

To sum up, a dissertation should be as clear and specific to the topic as possible. However, to write such a dissertation, following the dissertation advice or points outlined above is a must. Also, if you decide to take help from outside, consider the two services mentioned above. They are the best in this business.

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