Did The Instagram Really Matter For Your Business?

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With more than 25 million business accounts on Instagram and more than 7 billion US dollars, which were issued on Instagram last year, it is clear that brands are investing in this channel. However, others stay away, and one of the main reasons is that they (wrongly) believe that they have nothing to post.

This cannot be removed from the truth. B2C or a traditional B2B business, there is space to grumble. Don’t fall into the trap or think that your business has nothing to post visually. With a little creativity and strategic planning, you will find that there are countless things that you can publish on Instagram and also you will be able to gain active followers on Instagram.

Here are nine reasons to use Instagram as your business, regardless of your industry

1. Customers expect it

Customers are looking for them on Instagram. You can search for your name or hashtags in terms of your business or location. It is still a bad experience to find her. Even if you are not extremely active on Instagram, it is better to create an account that contains at least your business name, contact details and some messages to present your brand. In any case, you don’t want the search to be empty or worse to judge your competitors.

2. More and more people are using Instagram

With 2 billion users on monthly basis, Instagram is most popular, especially among young people. In addition, Statista data shows that 63% of American users use the social media platform daily and per month. In view of the eye apples available to them, there are no limits to the success that a business can achieve with a special Instagram strategy, also you will get more likes on Instagram.

3. Companies of all sizes can thrive on Instagram.

Since Instagram has so many users with different needs and interests, companies of all sizes and every industry can thrive on Instagram. It will arrive at night, but if your marketing team wants to make your business known, Instagram can help.

Companies can increase brand awareness and contact their audience by actively present and a routine of at least one post a day. So well-known brands such as Coca-Cola and Adidas as well as many small companies have successfully used Instagram for growth.

4. Access to analysis

Instagram was one of the last major social networks to accept analysis tools, and they are still relatively limited (do not expect to export data or, for example, to follow more than a week). Although Instagram’s Business Analysis Tools, which are referred to as insights, are not robust, you are a practical way to quickly see how your Instagram content works.

You can get an overview of your Instagram messages by going to your profile and clicking on the detailed statistics in your account. If you go to the Insight section, you will see statistics for views, scope and trailer last week.

5. Instagram promotion

If you have an account on Instagram, you can also create social ads from the app (if you want, you can still create social ads from your constant contact account!). To apply a message, click on it and then choose advertising. Our experience, the time to advertise to promote the full can vary from a few hours to a day or more, since Instagram takes extensive steps to evaluate advertising on its platform.

During this process, Instagram can ask you to register before buying or to authenticate yourself with your Facebook account.

6. You can mark your customers and users

Let us assume that you have offered extraordinary customer service or that a customer who has just bought is satisfied with your product. There is a good chance that he will go to Instagram to share the story, and his enthusiastic review is worth its weight in gold.

It is something for which you will die to be marked on your Instagram account. But here is the thing: If you don’t have Instagram account, a customer can never mark you, and this is a big missed opportunity.

7. Companies can earn money on Instagram

Companies can earn money on Instagram in different ways:

The direct sale on Instagram: Instagram has developed to enable online sales on the platform. On the “Instagram Home Shop” tab, users can discover brands and shop directly Instagram profiles, messages or stories.

Shopping messages: Instagram offers copies messages with which companies can mark products in their photos with links with the product description, a price and an option “Buy now” where users are sent online to the store.

Cooperation with brand ambassadors: Companies can work with brand ambassadors about sponsored news and affiliate marketing. These partnerships can help generate more leads and increase sales.

8. Hashtags can increase the visibility on Instagram

As a new business, you can be intimidated by the competition. But with the correct use of hashtags you can separate your business from the herd. Popular Instagram hashtags such as Coca-Colas #shareeacoke, Charmins #tweetfromtheseat and Calvin Klein’s #Mycalvins have turned the pop culture of the industry upside down, which made these famous brands even more popular.

Even if your business is small, an effective hashtag can do miracles when it comes to so that your business drops off the crowd. Instagram helps companies make effective contact with their customers and also use Instagram insights. The interaction with the public on social media is a business’s main marketing goal in social media, and Instagram is a great platform for participation.

With Instagram you can communicate with customers every day by sharing your opinions. And opinions. Instagram is a platform on which users may like, comment and share their favorite messages. The more likes and comments your messages get on Instagram, the greater the visibility of your business.

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