Career Scope after Completing BSc Chemistry in Gujarat

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Finishing your bachelor’s in chemistry will offer you astonishingly new employment opportunities across several fields in the private and public sectors. In our post today, we will discuss the scope of BSc chemistry and the list of career opportunities you can get hands-on after completing your undergraduate degree.

The following are the top job opportunities for students who have completed college for BSc chemistry in Gujarat.

1. Chemist

Chemists are the professionals who analyze, refine, and test chemical compounds in a laboratory. They enhance the products’ efficiency and quality while ensuring their consumers’ safety. Pharma, biotech firms, and other customer-centric businesses might hire chemists to assist in product synthesis.

2. Pharmacy assistant

A pharma assistant’s role is to give the patients the correct prescriptions and other medical products. They work across pharmacies in hospitals or even practice under the guidance of the licensed pharmacist. These professionals will keep the records, maintain inventories and even interact with the pharma representatives who have completed BSc chemistry.

3. Lab assistant

The lab assistants or technicians will help the other senior technicians handle the laboratory equipment and perform varied experiments. The main job duties would include processing the samples, classifying the findings, and analyzing the results. These diagnostic firms, medical centers, and hospitals mainly employ these lab assistants.

4. Junior Research Associate

These professionals work to collect the proper information and know the ways and aims of the research. They would gather the data, develop tests, help maintain records and evaluate every piece of information. Their sole responsibilities would cover data they gathered in comparison through several sources, produce the documents’ drafts, and review the latest market trends.

5. Pharmaceutical Sales Executive          

After completing college for BSc chemistry in Gujarat, one can become a pharma sales executive as they form the link between the customers and pharma companies. They represent a firm and generate awareness regarding medicines and drugs among their target customers.

6. Analytical Chemist    

These professionals get employed in almost every feature of chemical research in industry, government, and academia. They perform their basic lab research, design instruments used in the analytical analysis, teach, develop processes and products, and work in marketing and law. Analytical chemists are specialized professionals who determine the chemical makeup of varied substances, both organic and inorganic.

7. Geneticist

After completing BSc in Chemistry, one can even become medical geneticists who are a medical doctor specializing in training across medical genetics. These professionals are responsible for evaluating, diagnosing, and treating people and families across varied genetic indications with or without specific genetic conditions.

8. Radiologist

These professionals are specialized doctors using medical imaging like MRI, x-ray, Ultrasound, and others to treat and diagnose human diseases or injuries. These professionals undergo lengthy training and assessment to get accredited by the relevant governing boards and colleges worldwide.

9. Toxicologist

They are mainly scientists with stronger knowledge across several scientific disciplines like chemistry and biology. They generally work with chemicals and other substances to determine whether they are harmful or toxic to humans and other living organisms in this environment.

10. Clinical Research Specialist

Clinical trials are mainly experiments done in clinical research that involves studies on human participants. These researchers conducted trials designed to answer questions regarding medicinal behavior. The trials would generate data on the efficacy and safety of the drugs.


There are several scopes after college completion for BSc chemistry in Gujarat apart from working as a full-time professional. The common ones are to pursue a higher degree in the same field, which does not help gather potential over the subject; however, it will offer a good career in recognition and jobs.

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