Best Ways To Improve Web Positioning of Your Business

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Nowadays, web positioning is essential for any business that wants to be visible on the Internet; appearing in the first search results is a task that requires a lot of work and patience. We want to send you these tips that will help you in this constant task of positioning a web page:

Try to use one or more keywords in the domain

The idea is not to make a list of keywords in the domain name, but including an important keyword will be very useful for the positioning of your website.

Keep in mind that too many keywords in the domain name can cause a site to be considered Spam. Also, avoid excessive use of hyphens in the domain name.

Choose the right keywords

To select the appropriate keywords, put yourself in the user’s shoes, and think: How would you search for your products or services in the search engine?

To help you select the relevant keywords for your website or business, you can use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, it is a powerful tool to search for keywords and it is free.

Achieving a good Pagerank is the goal for most websites, so it is necessary to create quality links that come from sites with a good reputation and that have original content. A site with genuine content is well-seen by search engines.


The sitemap is an important tool for increasing the ease of navigation through a website. It allows search engines (and users) to quickly and efficiently search all the pages on your website.

Content pages are easier to find, which reduces the number of clicks for both of you. Both for search robots and also for users, which makes it easier to reach the desired content.

Relevant content

The most important part of SEO today is having relevant content on your website. The articles have to naturally include the keywords you are going after. But remember that you have to write for humans and not for search engines.

Add title tag

The page title is the first thing a search engine sees when determining what a page is about. It’s also the first thing your website visitors will see in search results. Therefore, the title must contain one or two keywords, which are relevant to the content of the page.

Optimize Meta Tags

Meta tags are found in the website code. The two most important meta tags are the meta description and the meta keywords. Meta tags describe the content of your website in a few words.

It is recommended that the meta description tag contains between 150 to 200 characters and must have the keywords we are pursuing, but naturally, one or two sentences are enough. Remember not to list terms, it should be read as a descriptive phrase, not as a list of words.

Search engines give little importance to the meta keywords tag because many Webmasters have abused it by filling this tag with excessive keywords.

However, it is still recommended to use this tag, it is necessary to put a set of words with which users would search for information on your website. Do not add too many duplicate words. It is best to choose one or two variations of each keyword.

Use the ALT tag for images

It is very difficult for search engines to crawl an image, so the better you describe an image, the better it will rank. It is advisable to use the Alt tag on images on your website. Also always use high-contrast images on your website.

Use social networks

Social Media is a very important factor that has more relevance every day for web positioning  Using the wide variety of web 2.0-based platforms, applications and technologies that allow people to interact socially with others online is vital to any online marketing campaign.

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