Benefits & Challenges Of Using Voice Recognition In IVR Solution

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The future of AI-driven technologies depends greatly depends on voice recognition systems. Whether we talk about virtual assistants or IVR Solutions, all future services will use voice recognition technology. IVR Service Providers in India, like Knowlarity, have already integrated voice recognition technologies to enhance the potential of these IVR (India) Solution.

Leveraging voice recognition technology with IVR will significantly impact the customers’ calling journey and customer experience by simplifying IVR usage. This article will give a complete walkthrough of voice recognition technology. It will also detail the benefits and challenges of voice recognition in IVR (India).

What is Voice Recognition Technology?

Voice recognition is a technology that enables a machine, computer, or other systems to receive and interpret human voices or to understand dictations & commands to act accordingly. Voice recognition uses natural language processing algorithms to process various human speech & decipher the meaning to do particular tasks. According to the Grand View Research report, in 2021, the global voice & speech recognition market cap was 14.42 billion USD. According to their prediction, it will reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.3 percent from 2022 to 2030.

Benefits of Using Voice Recognition in IVR

There are numerous benefits both brands and customers can enjoy by integrating voice recognition technology within IVRs.

         i.  Quick Response:

We all know that talking is faster compared to typing. Modern devices and systems come with a microphone that takes voice as input. Customers will use smartphones to connect to IVR. Rather than typing the dial pad, commands through voice will be convenient, fast, and natural.

       ii.  Voice Recognition Saves Time & Increases Productivity:

Listening to the IVR’s pre-recorded voice message (as a menu) and responding with a voice make it conversational. It increases customers’ productivity and makes the IVR-based experience more seamless. IVR Service Providers in India, like Knowlarity, have started implementing voice recognition technology in IVR (India).

      iii.  Hands-Free Work:

Since voice recognition technology works through voice, customers do not need to hold the device and tap the dial pad numbers to connect to the right customer care agent. They can instruct/command the IVR Solution with the menu number to reach the right agent. Since this approach is hands-free, customers can do other tasks simultaneously.

     iv.  Increases Automation & Brand Reputation:

Voice recognition technology enables automation and makes IVR systems more independent and conversational for customers. Since IVR Solutions with voice recognition systems make it convenient for customers to interact seamlessly, it enhances brand reputation. IVR Service Providers in India, like Knowlarity, offer such advanced voice recognition feature at an affordable cost.

Challenges of Using Voice Recognition in IVR

Voice recognition technology may pose numerous challenges while integrating with IVR solutions. These are:

i. Low Accuracy:

Voice recognition technology that uses natural language processing in IVR is not entirely accurate in catching and understanding users’ voices. Different uses come from diverse geolocation. Hence their accent differs. It makes the voice recognition systems in IVR challenging. Engineers are working to make these voice recognition IVR systems more sophisticated.

ii. Misinterpretation of Words:

All the words said or pronounced by users get well-interpreted by voice recognition systems. It is easy for humans to understand each word, what the phrase sense & decode their intended meaning. But for voice technologies in IVR (India), it becomes challenging. Hence the system might misinterpret what the user wants from the IVR.


We hope this article has given a crisp idea of the benefits and challenges of voice recognition in IVR (India). IVR Solutions are an excellent tool for customer care and call center providers, especially when it offers advanced technologies like voice recognition systems. If you want IVR Service Providers in India, try Knowlarity. IVR (India) Solution Providers like Knowlarity offer efficient call routing, concurrent calls, multilingual support, customizable menu, etc.

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