Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 audit: avoid the RTX 4090

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There’s no other place to begin this survey — the Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 is one of the most amazing gaming PCs you can purchase. Nonetheless, its spec sheet doesn’t say why this PC is so great, and my testing demonstrates the way that the Nvidia RTX 4090 you can arrange this machine with is actually squandered cash.

Shrewd plan and warm administration assists the Zephyrus M16 with hanging out in this new class of 16-inch gaming PCs, alongside a strong console and extraordinary sound. Execution holds up as well, expecting you to settle for a lower class of Nvidia GPU. There’s no question the RTX 4090 is a strong versatile illustration card, however it’s not allowed an opportunity to sparkle in Asus’ machine completely.

Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 specs

Asus offers a few setups of the Zephyrus M16, however they generally fit in a tight reach. No matter what the setup you pick, you’re getting a 14-center Intel Center i9-13900H, 32GB of DDR5-4800 memory, and 2TB of PCIe 4.0 SSD stockpiling. You can go up to 64GB of DDR5, however you want to redesign the memory yourself.

There are two contrasts between models — the illustration card and the AniMe lattice. I’ll dive more into the AniMe network in the following segment, however for the design card, you can pick between a RTX 4070, RTX 4080, or RTX 4090, every one of which have a rendition with and without the AniMe framework. My survey model is tied with the RTX 4090 and the AniMe grid for $3,500, however less expensive models go for under $2,000. MacBook 12in M7 Review.

You approach similar port determination across all models, which is astounding. Notwithstanding two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, you likewise get a solitary USB-C supporting DisplayPort and power conveyance, as well as a Thunderclap 4 port with a similar help. Likewise, there’s a regular HDMI 2.1 port and a miniature SD card peruser. It even backings quick charging, permitting you to get half of the battery duration back in a short time.

Brilliant and up-to-date plan

My number one part of ongoing Zephyrus PCs, and particularly the 2023 M16, is the manner by which the plan is savvy and in vogue in equivalent parts. To the extent that the savvy part, Asus stayed with the pivot it has utilized on the beyond hardly any Zephyrus plans, which somewhat points the console up and permits a lot of space for ventilation.

It’s more agreeable to type on than an ordinary clamshell configuration, yet the warm execution sparkles. The lower part of the presentation has cushions that the PC lays on while it’s open, opening up a lot of ventilation at the highest point of the machine and permitting a slender layer of wind current under the PC. It might appear to be a little change, yet it does ponder for commotion. Indeed, even in its default execution mode, the Zephyrus M16 was easily tranquil to game on.

The slick part comes as the perfect top of the PC and the AniMe network. There’s the very unobtrusive marking in the base left corner of the cover that causes the top to feel smooth and tasteful. This is a gaming PC, there’s no question about that in the plan. In any case, while machines like the Alienware x14 shout that reality from the roof, the Zephyrus M16 murmurs it. Trippie Bri.

Shrewd warm plan and smart marking meet in a strikingly convenient bundle as well. Indeed, even at 16 inches, the Zephyrus M16 comes in less than 5 pounds and under an inch thick. I wouldn’t convey most 15-inch PCs in my knapsack, not to mention a 16-inch gaming machine, yet I’d be glad to haul around the Zephyrus M16.


The Zephyrus M16 is quite possibly the earliest PC from Asus to flaunt ROG Cloud HDR, a presentation confirmation that increases current standards for PC gaming shows. What’s more, it’s a triumph on the Zephyrus M16, regardless of whether the showcase can’t arrive at the ideal dark levels present on the Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED.

It’s a 16:10 presentation with a 2,560 x 1,600 goal, Pantone Approval for variety, and a 240Hz revive rate. That is perfect, however the large lift here is diminishing. Asus says the screen has 1,024 neighbourhood diminishing zones and a pinnacle splendour of 1,100 nits, which are specs fair and square of a top of the line gaming screen like the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8.

Console and trackpad

Very good quality gaming workstations like the Corsair Explorer a1600 have embraced “mechanical” consoles co-created with Cherry throughout recent years, yet the Zephyrus M16 doesn’t get on board with that fleeting trend. Also, I was unable to be more joyful.

Rather than a pseudo-mechanical change that is inclined to staying and conflicting travel, Asus selected to stick a similar layer console it has utilized on the beyond couple of ages of Zephyrus workstations. You get a movement distance of 1.7mm, giving you a respectable measure of space to ram against the console, and that is the ideal sum for a PC like this.

A console like the one on the MacBook Air M2 will prevail upon the Zephyrus M16 without fail, yet Asus has a decent benchmark set here for gaming PCs. The Razor Sharp edge 17 has a somewhat seriously fulfilling snap to keypresses, yet I had no issues composing on the Zephyrus M16 for quite a long time. I’ve composed a huge number of words on my Zephyrus G14, and this PC utilizes a similar console.

Processor execution

In spite of the fact that Asus offers a few setups for the Zephyrus M16, every one of them accompany an Intel Center i9-13900H. It’s a Center i9, yet the chip has far less centers than a very good quality chip like the Center i9-13980HX. You get 14 centers all out, split across six presentation centers and eight productivity centers, and a lift clock of 5.4GHz.

Less centers had a major effect in benchmarks like Cinebench R23, where the 24 Center i9-13900HX inside the Lenovo Army Expert 7i had the option to outperform the Zephyrus M16 by almost 30%. This chip isn’t opened for overclocking like the HX-class parts, by the same token. With the HX part overclocked in Lenovo’s PC, it was more than 60% quicker.

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