A midyear assessment of John’s racing game?

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I’ve just begun a new video series racing game called “John Tries New Things,” in which I put the newest and greatest additions to racing games through their paces, whether they full-fledged new games or downloadable content for older games.

I spent last week in Spa (in the real world), and since there hasn’t been much new in racing game this week, I figured I’d take stock. Now that we’ve reached the middle of July, it seems like a fitting time to take stock of the first half of 2022.

After reviewing the games I’ve already discussed in this series and those we’ve discussed in-depth on the Traxion.GG YouTube channel, I’ll take a peek at what’s in store for the second half of the year.


It was enjoyable to play this game. The game was entertaining, and I even streamed my progress through it on the Traxion.GG channels in a number of movies and livestreams since I appreciated that it didn’t take itself too seriously. However, it was over quite fast, and I wasn’t interested in returning to the game until the first of four large DLC drops appeared.

While the added Demolition Derby narrative aspect was entertaining, it wasn’t enough to sway me away from the numerous other racing game that had more of an allure for me in the long run. A game we like but don’t necessarily adore.


The new Gran Turismo 7 is a far more intricate beast. First impressions of the game’s massive scale and nostalgic vibe left us all impressed. Even penned a love letter to express my feelings about how unique it was.

Nevertheless, not long after this, things started to go awry. Due to changes in credit distribution, the game’s economy is broken and divisive, with players complaining that it’s almost difficult to get rare automobiles without paying exorbitant amounts for them via microtransactions.

However, the online system also had several fundamental problems that were uncovered. In spite of its shortcomings, which I detail at length in my “love letter” drift hunters review, this is still a wonderful title.

Several of the game’s more egregious issues have been addressed, thanks to Polyphony Digital’s constant stream of massive upgrades. As you may have seen, I am still having a great time playing Gran Turismo 7, and I really like it.

F1 22

The newest installment in the yearly Formula 1 video game series was released not too long ago. It’s clear that EA is working from a rock-solid base for F1 22, but the structure itself seems less tight than it should.

Impressive new features, such as virtual reality support, coexist with those that seem extraneous, such as F1 Life and the addition of supercars.

But, at its core, this game does not seem complete, at least on PC. I had trouble getting it to run smoothly on a few different computers during launch week, and it seems like many game companies are following this bad pattern right now.

This is MOTOGP 22.

The MotoGP 22 from Milestone is a solid product that stands proudly in the company’s tradition. While it is mostly identical to its predecessor, lovers of motorcycles will like the VR 46 narrative mode and the adjustments made to the bike’s attributes. One of my favorite parts of these shows was getting to go through the NINE intro. As compared to other narrative-driven works I’ve read this year, I found this one to be the most compelling.


Some 2022 racing game that did well include Redout 2, Kartkraft, and Monster Energy Supercross 5, while others, like Chocobo GP and MX v ATV Legends, left a much to be desired.

Updates and downloadable content (DLC) are released often.

This new series’ first episode relied on recently added material for Automobilista 2, which is not surprising considering how often Reiza Studios releases content patches. This week, we even got a new update to the game’s force feedback and physics, and whenever we get new stuff to test, it’s usually rather substantial.

Recent open-wheel virtual reality (VR) experiences in CART Champ Cars and the 2022 Formula 1 Formula Ultimate Gen2 vehicle were my favorites. It’s hardly surprising to see a game like rFactor2, which simulates motor racing, have such a steady stream of updates. I’ve had a blast with drift hunters the new Indycar and in Laguna Seca, but the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) cars and circuits have been the most exciting. Even just looping Donington Park in the Infiniti was a lot of fun, so I can only think how much more enjoyable a real online racing event would be.

I just gave the newest Assetto Corsa Competizione American Track pack a try, and although the three featured tracks are divisive, no one can dispute the quality of these iterations.

The last Challengers DLC pack with Kunos also introduced four fresh new vehicles, and Watkins Glen is quickly becoming one of the most fun tracks on the platform to compete on. Seeing the new Porsche cup vehicle was the highlight for me. Add a race around Watkins, and you’ve got yourself a real treat.

For me, these are the most notable, but I think it’s important to briefly discuss the rest of what we’ve seen. We’ve seen DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe this year, and iRacing keeps on giving us fresh seasons of material. Even while it’s not a completely new game that many players were hoping for, at least this should hold us over till the next big release.

The first few months of 2022 were rather quiet on BeamNG.drive, but the platform’s last significant upgrade was met with wide arms. It’s still a great time to play this game. Although I haven’t been reading the other titles, the folks over at Traxion.GG have. There have been consistent upgrades and downloadable content drops for games like Hot Wheels Unleashed, The Crew 2, American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and the tenacious TrackDayR. At some point, I need to go back and look at it again…


Time to shift our focus away from the rearview mirror and onto the front windshield. When can we expect the next installment? To begin, it is a significant one.

The first significant piece of downloadable content for Forza Horizon 5 is set to release next week. Fans of the series have been waiting longer than normal for a significant Horizon update, so this collaboration with Hot Wheels (and not for the first time) is a huge deal. This has a lot of weight on it, so I’m crossing my fingers that it lives up to our expectations and what we’ve seen so far, and you can be certain that we’ll be covering it extensively on our website and YouTube channel.

At this time, we can affirm that at least three additional pieces of GRID Legends DLC will be released during the next calendar year. We also expect iRacing’s long-awaited rainy weather system to drop soon, and art of rally will soon include a brand-new location—Indonesia. If past behavior is any indication, we can also anticipate frequent updates to Gran Turismo 7, as well as material releases for rFactor2 and Automobilista 2. So, what about the newest racing game?

On the 30th of August, Traxion.GG will release F1 Manager 2022, which is one of the most anticipated games in the industry. Several of us here are huge fans of Frontier, and last month Tom was given the chance to play out a beta version. Check watch our practical demonstration video if you’re curious how it turned out.

A week later, a multiplayer city-based racing called CarX Street will be released; it looks to be inspired by games like Need for Speed, Juiced, and Midnight Club. The game will have an open environment.

WRC Generations, which also debuts in late 2022, is anticipated to be Kylotonn’s last fully licensed global rally game before the license passes to Codemasters and EA in 2023. Following in the footsteps of WRC 10, this title will be the first to include the newest generation of hybrid Rally1 vehicles. Rally-wise, we have yet to get an update on the development of Dakar Desert Rally, the official Dakar video game. The Twitter page continues to promise a release in 2022, but it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new, so when can we finally expect it?

Stuntfest – World Tour is one game that has caught our attention lately. We are really into this unexpected new series from THQ Nordic and Pow Wow Studios. This seems to have everything we’ve been searching for on paper… Three films: Wreckfest, Fall Guys, and Flatout 2. Whatever this is, count myself among those who are prepared for it. I can only expect the same for my interactive rag doll.

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