5 Signs You Have Severe Root Canal Infection

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If there is a harmful bacterium living in the mouth that invades the inner layer of the teeth, it can cause an infection as the bacteria penetrates the centre of the inner tooth pulp. A root canal infection happens, which needs medical attention on time or can get worse. An untreated root canal can injure the jawbone and diminish the patient’s overall health. To get it treated, it is important to know the early signs and symptoms. If the signs match your condition, then going to a medical professional is a must. At Emerdency, we are all ready to connect you with the best dentist in your area. We are known to be the top-most service to connect you to the best emergency dentist in the UK.

How To Know If You Have A Root Canal Infection? 

There are a few prominent signs through which you can know that there is a root canal infection. Although the debilitating oral health, knowing these signs can guide you better. 

Immense Pain

If you are facing immense pain in your gum or jaw, then this can be a sign of a root canal infection. If the pain has been there for days and is not going away at all, then know that going to the doctor immediately is crucial. As the pain worsens, the infection can get deep and trigger other health problems. 

Darken Tooth 

If you see your tooth discolouring, then it can be a sign of a root canal infection. The tooth may develop a dark colour such as yellow, grey or blue tone. Luckily, such change is quite evident, and you can take action soon too. However, if the colour has taken more in the past, then know that the infection is severe and spreading fast. 


If there is an abscess along with the root canal infection, then know the case is getting worse. It can go beneath the gum and cause great harm to your overall body. If you see there is a dental abscess, then the best thing you can do is go to an experienced dentist. If you are facing a difficult time finding one, then come to Emerdency, and we will do it for you. We will connect you with the best emergency dentist in blackbur emergency dentist in Blackburn or any other part of the UK. 

Bad Breath 

If there is bad breath, obvious that an oral infection has occurred. If you feel like the bad breath is not going away after brushing or flossing, then this can be a sign of root canal infection along with an abscess. You need to seek medical attention immediately before the infection gets worse than it already is. 

Gum Swelling

Gum swelling is one of the most common signs that occur if you have a root canal infection. You may feel like there is tenderness in the gum, or it can also be a big visible lump. There are also chances that the swelling may spread around the neck or face. Not every time a swelling can indicate a root canal. However, if it’s been there for an extended period, this can be a case of a root canal infection. There could be a boil that looks like a pimple on the tip of the root, which is a sign that there is an infection. 

To Wrap It Up

There are many signs that can indicate that there is a root canal infection, and it is getting worse. These signs include immense pain for many days, discolouring of the tooth, dental abscess, bad breath and gum swelling. If you are facing any of these symptoms, then it is best to connect with a reliable dentist through Emerdency. 

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