4 the Best Baby Girl Toys for 2022

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4 the Best Baby Girl Toys for 2022

When you have your first baby girl, it can be hard to decide what kinds of toys to get her. She’s so little and fragile! What kind of baby girl toys should you get? How do you know if they’re safe? How do you choose between all the different baby girl toys out there? It can be difficult to find the right toy to fit her personality, but with these eight options, you’ll have no problem finding baby girl toys that she’ll love and play with long after she’s moved past the toddler stage.

1) 3D Dollhouse

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make your kid’s toys educational and thinking that just because they are baby toys, that they can’t be fun. However, a great way to keep your daughter engaged is by getting her a 3D dollhouse one that features miniatures of things like furniture and appliances. Since she doesn’t know how those things work yet, it will help give her a sense of wonder about how everything works. The dollhouse itself might not seem educational at first glance, but it will get her interested in learning more about home-life and will foster skills like critical thinking and creativity.

2) Cozy Up Blanket

Babies and kids just love being swaddled up, which is why many parents have taken to buying their little ones a cozy blanket. While there are a plethora of different models to choose from, our favorite is by far Cozy Up Blanket from My Heavenly Kids. We think you and your baby girl will love it! Besides keeping your little one warm and cozy, these blankets can also double as a napping mat for infants and that’s great news if you have a baby who wakes in the middle of night ready to get out of her crib!

3) Nurture Nesting Toddler Bed by Tiny Love

This is a much loved baby toy, so much so that it was voted as one of UK’s best toys by Child Magazine. This cute toy includes 3 nesting bed platforms and includes a little teddy bear so babies can bring their favorite toys along as they go to sleep. The top platform also plays soothing music and melodies, meaning your infant will enjoy listening to their song as they drift off to sleep. With two lullabies and two songs included with a lovely night light, your toddler is bound to love these educational and colorful toys and you are sure to appreciate how soft and comfortable they are. The Nurture Nesting Toddler Bed takes our top spot due to its high quality but affordable nature.

4) VTech Smart Shots Sports Center Basketball Set

Babies can develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while having fun shooting hoops with VTech’s Smart Shots Sports Center Basketball Set. The baby basketball hoop has colorful lights, music, and sounds to capture your child’s attention as she plays. The toy has an adjustable rim to help grow with your baby, is easy to clean, and runs on three AA batteries (not included). Three AA batteries are required. VTech recommends that children be at least 12 months old before using Smart Shots Sports Center Basketball Set. This baby girl toy would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for babies up to 36 months old.

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