Tips and Tricks in Granny

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There is a wide variety of advice available to help you save time or protect yourself from Grandma. They make it much simpler to finish Granny.

It takes Grandmother around one and a half seconds to open a door, so make sure you close all the doors behind you (unless you are warned not to).
While Grandma is a distance away from you, make an effort not to wake her up so that you may have more time to yourself:
Place goods where they won’t make a sound, such as on beds, the floor of the special room, dirt, or any of the other places listed below.
Avoid stepping on Creaking Flooring, as well as any other potential dangers.
To make it simpler for you to knock Grandma out, store your weapons in secure areas that are also conveniently accessible, such as a tunnel.
When Granny is going to respawn after being knocked out, you should avoid venturing into the Basement, Bedroom 2, the Living Room, or the Hidden Place on the Middle Level.
Granny spends most of her time walking upstairs, thus you should begin the game by exploring the Top Floor. If extra time is required on this level, you may drop stuff off at the Main Entrance by going below.
If it’s not absolutely essential, you should try to avoid hiding in chests, cabinets, beneath beds, or in the car.

Eventually, Granny will leave the room and go in an unknown route, and you don’t want to accidentally run into her. Instead, you should exit rooms as fast as possible, hide in other areas such as tunnels, and use the strategies that are outlined below.
In Granny, there are a total of five Presets, which are essentially places for goods; some of these Presets are simpler to complete than others.
The first preset makes it simpler to flee the area in your car.
You will have an easier time escaping via the Main Entrance with Preset #5.


Tricks are deeds that the Player may do to get an advantage quickly or to extricate themselves from a perilous circumstance. The majority of the tips and methods described below are appropriate at any level of difficulty; however, using some of them is not suggested on the Extreme setting.

Timed Window Jump

First, you should make some racket in the backyard, and then you should wait for Granny to arrive. If you want to avoid her seeing you, you should sneak in via the window while she is unlocking the door. If at all possible, you should avoid walking on creaking floors.

After completing the window leap, you may bypass the Creaking Floor by going around the table’s long side. That will give you ample breathing room to look through every room in the home. When you do this, you need to exercise extra caution, particularly on challenging and trying days, since Granny’s field of view has been extended and she can now see you when she turns around.

Girder Trick

While you are in the Basement, you need to topple the Girder that is located behind the stairs and to the right (clockwise). After then, continue to go to the left (counterclockwise) in the direction of the stairs while Grandma moves downstairs in the same way to investigate the noise. As a direct consequence of this, you will be able to sneak out of the Basement without Grandma noticing. Always remember to slam the door behind you for maximum impact.

There is also a technique that works in the other direction of this one. Knock the Girder in the direction of the stairs in a counterclockwise direction, then position yourself such that you are between the Safe and the wall (in the middle of the Basement on Extreme).

Follow Granny as she down the stairs, and then go for the metal panel and the upper floor. Remember to keep the Door closed at all times. It would seem that you are trying to catch up to her. Don’t simply stand there by the Safe like a statue. It was possible for her to see you, alter her course, and begin pursuing you. The exception to this rule is easy mode.

Secret Area Trick

After creating a noise on the lowest level of the Hidden Area, most likely from the Screwdriver Safe, go one flight of steps higher and crouch behind the subsequent flight of stairs. As Granny comes downstairs, she will go all the way down, which includes going past you. Go back up the steps as soon as you can see that Granny is no longer in view. The Hidden Area Trick provides a more in-depth explanation of this technique.

Candlestick Trick

After hiding in the Meat Room, you should move the Candlestick that is located on the Middle Level of the Secret Area to the corner that is closest to the staircase that leads down to the Bottom Floor of the Hidden Area. You are free to go upstairs when Grandma arrives. Be aware of where the Candlestick will fall since it might land in a different location if you attempt to walk upstairs and Grandmother will notice you. If you don’t pay attention to where the Candlestick lands, Granny will see you. Extreme Mode is where you’ll get the greatest usage out of this tip.

Bedrooms Trick

Make some racket in the Hidden Area (Extreme Mode include a Creaking Floor), as well as the Walk-in Closet. Afterwards you must either wait in Bedroom 2 or hide beneath the bed in Bedroom 1. You are free to go while Granny investigates the noise in the room. Read the final paragraph on this page to learn how to stop the creaking floor in Bedroom 1: How to Prevent Walking on Creaking Flooring

Attic Trick

First, make some noise in the attic, and then go to the vent in the bathroom. As soon as you notice Granny, quickly make your way inside the bathroom via the vent. You should go wherever it is that you need to go, but bear in mind that you must exit the Bathroom as fast as possible before your grandmother comes in there.

You also have the option to destroy the Bloody Mannequin and wait in the nook near the Unstable Flooring. When Grandma comes to visit, you need to be sneaky and get out of the attic before she sees you.

Hammer Drop Trick

Take the Hammer and go up to the attic. Take a Plank, smash it to pieces, then position it diagonally across the unstable flooring. Get the Hammer, make your way over the Plank, and smash the Security Camera while you’re at it. Put the Hammer in the hole, then drop it. Granny will be drawn to the bottom level, close to the front door, as a result of this.

Cutting Pliers Drop Trick

Upon completion of the Hammer Process, the Cutting Pliers should be taken to the Attic. Remove the wire from the Prison Ventilator, lower the Cutting Pliers into the hole, and then retrieve the object from within before doing the Attic Trick.

Secret Tunnel Trick

It is possible to use it either way. If the Player want to investigate the Ground Floor of the Home without the possibility of bumping across Granny, they must first create noise in the Hidden Space on the Bottom Floor and wait for her to come down there before proceeding to the Ground Floor.

They will have enough time to look for items or figure out how to open the main door if they crawl through to the other side as soon as Granny is in their line of sight and then creep through the opening. This may also be accomplished in the reverse direction: if the Player creates noise in the Basement, and once they notice Granny exploring down there, they are free to explore the Hidden Area without any restrictions. They should make an effort to avoid making noise whenever it is feasible to do so, and they should also be on the lookout for a glitch in which Granny will spot them moving to the Secret Area side from the Basement and then race in that direction in an attempt to capture them.

You should examine that side quickly and quietly, or you should create a disturbance nearby that will alert Granny. She will remain hidden at the Lower Level while you are free to investigate the Top-Level Hidden Area without fear. Do not make any movements until either Granny begins “investigating” the noise or when she begins moving her head around and gazing in the direction of the noise. This will help prevent Granny from seeing you through the tunnel. This strategy is still viable in Extreme mode due to the fact that some objects are able to pass through the Iron Bars, but the player will need to be very accurate and utilize certain items.

If you want to avoid Granny seeing you go to the other side, you can either use the iron bars in the basement to turn her around so that she is facing the opposite direction, or you can lure Granny as close as possible to the tunnel entrance as you can. This will allow you to safely explore the Secret Area.

Shed Trick in Granny

To pass the time while waiting for Granny, make some racket in the Shed and then hide in the Chest. After she is inside the Shed, quickly sprint up to the window and then quickly leap back inside, being careful to avoid any creaks. This will afford you ample time to walk to any section of the house, and it is safer than the Timed Window Jump since you will know that Granny is in the backyard at this point.

Door Trick in Granny

This method may be used on both the closed door leading from the dining room to the backyard as well as the door leading from the starting bedroom. Throw the vase as far away from the bed as possible, ideally in the far corner of the room, and then wait for Granny to open the door to the Beginning Bedroom so that she may investigate.

When Granny has finished looking into the noise, you are free to leave the room quietly and go anywhere you like. It is important to note that you will very likely run into the Painting as you exit this location, therefore you will need to do so as swiftly as possible. As compared to the Beginning Bedroom Door Trick and the Timed Window Jump, the Backyard door trick presents a somewhat greater challenge to successfully complete.

To pull off this prank, you must first toss something either next to or inside the Shed, and then wait for Granny to come investigate the disturbance. As soon as she opens the Door and walks toward the location to check it out, sneak away while she’s distracted and go anywhere you like. Keep in mind that you need to leave the Backyard as fast as possible since the Door will close after a few seconds, leaving you and Granny stuck within.

(If you are imprisoned with Granny while you are doing the Backyard door trick, and she hasn’t seen you yet, you may escape by rapidly racing to the Shed and going via the Hidden Tunnel. This is only possible if she hasn’t spotted you yet. Again, ensure that there are no sounds produced, and that you are able to react quickly enough in the event that she catches you in the act.

Garage Trick in Granny

This technique is similar to the one with the wooden stick, but it is easier to do successfully. The Player has to create a racket in the Garage, for example by knocking over the bumper, before going back up, hiding in the Hidden Tunnel, and waiting for Granny to find them there. If the player waits until she has gone all the way down to the Garage, they will be able to sneak out of the Basement without her noticing and shut the door for maximum impact.

Since there is only one route out of the Garage, the player should make sure that Granny is a significant distance away before attempting this technique. Otherwise, they won’t have enough time to hide in the tunnel before Granny arrives. Due of Extreme’s high speed, it is not suggested that you use this method on her.

Prison Escape In Granny

Imagine that the Player has caused a disturbance in this region, either by treading on the Creaking Floor or having themselves locked up in the Prison, and that they do not have enough time to make it back to the Attic Tunnel. In such situation, they need to wait for Granny to come (making additional noise if necessary in case a plank crashes down and distracts her), and while she is opening the door, they need to swiftly step over the plank to the other side.

In the event that this scenario occurs, The Timed Window Jump is a technique that may be compared to this. After then, they need to hurry up and leave the Attic as quickly as possible since she could discover them on the other side and begin walking back.

Trick Removed From the Closet

If Granny is present in the Abandoned Closet Backrooms at the same time as you, toss an object into the right corner that is diagonally across from the barrel. As soon as you hear Granny coming into the Storage Room, hurry to exit and escape this place.

Sewer Drain Trick

Make some noise close to the Sewer Grate if you are in the Abandoned Kitchen or the Sewer Area and you are unsure where Granny is. This will result in Grandma going to the backyard, which will then secure the area surrounding you.

Hidden Closet Trick In Granny

To access the Hidden Button when you are in the Secret Closet, toss an object against the wall in that area. If all goes according to plan, Granny will be drawn to the side of the Beginning Bedroom that is next to the Cupboard. Take into account that you will only be able to do this if you have not yet pressed the Hidden Button.

Trick with Shelves in the Hallway

In the Spider Cellar, when you are close to the Shelf, walk to the area near the crouch route that is close to the Shelf and wait for Spider Mom to see you there. Following that, you will need to wait until you spot her at the end of the corridor that leads to the Shelf, after which you will need to instantly crouch via the crouch tunnel and dash to the door. When it comes time to escape the Spider Cellar, you could find that this method comes in handy.

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